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2019 SMRC Awards Night Preview

With just one week to go until the SMRC Awards Dinner, at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow, here is an overview of what to expect on the night:

Reception Drinks (6:30pm-7pm)

Catch up with friends and reminisce on the 2019 season over a drink or two


Through to the Radisson’s fabulous Megalithic Suite, guests will take their seat and enjoy a welcome from our presenting team of Paul O’Neill, Fiona Wallace and Joe Tanner, plus a greeting from our Chairman, Sandy Denham.

Three Course meal

Guests enjoy some great food and company, whilst keeping an eye on the big screens for some season highlights!

 Championship Awards

Our champions and top finishers are congratulated and presented with their prizes on stage

 2020 Rising Stars

The new 2020 Rising Stars are announced and presented with their team kit on stage

 SMRC Esports Racing Championship FINAL

The grande finale of the all new SMRC Esports Racing Championship takes place live on the stage where finalists – Sam Corson and Kevin Ellis – will battle it out in a simulator sprint race. Who will cross the line first to win the drive in the opening round of the 2020 Scottish Legends Championship?!

Special Awards

It is tradition that the SMRC present a collection of special trophies’ each year to recognise a range of special achievements and successes within the sport. The recipients of these awards are kept top secret, so there will be much suspense! Watch out for our preview of the trophies presented next week, to see what’s up for grabs.


Our own bar in the Megalithic room will be open until 2am… So make Sunday morning plans are kept to a minimum!


Not got your ticket yet? Visit before 6pm on Wednesday


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