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New ECU Partnership for Fiesta’s & MINI

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with East Coast Garage and Topgear Tuning, who are going to provide a full ECU service for both the Fiesta and MINI Championships. This service will enable competitors to send their ECU’s in the post or alternatively get their car mapped at Knockhill, on agreed dates (see details below).

The map itself rivals the existing Superchips map and we are delighted to have secured an extremely reasonable price for this service at £160 for MINI & Fiesta competitors. In addition, Topgear Tuning will be supplying our scrutineering team with a diagnostic tool to ensure regular checks can be carried out on competitors ECU’s.

To help get this deal for our competitors, we have allocated space on the rear windscreens of all MINI’s and Fiesta’s (the same location as Superchips occupied) to Topgear Tuning. These decals will be available for competitors to collect from 16th May (at the Knockhill test day).

These maps will be mandatory for all Scottish Fiesta and MINI Cooper Cup competitors in 2021. Overall, we are very pleased to have come to an agreement which will help to ensure a level playing field for our competitors at a very reasonable price point.

Getting Your ECU Mapped

Knockhill, Saturday 8 May:

East Coast Garage will be visiting Knockhill on Saturday 8 May to map cars, from 10am. If you are able to bring your car to Knockhill on that date and would like to have your car mapped then, please email East Coast Garage on to confirm and arrange a slot.

Payment via cash, card or transfer will be required on the day.

There may be further dates for mapping at Knockhill, subject to prior agreement with East Coast Garage.

By Post:

If you would like to have your ECU mapped remotely, please post it to:

East Coast Garage
(Topgear Tuning)
Carrington Road
EH19 3HU

Please ensure that you provide your name, clear contact details, and a note of the return address with your ECU. Return postage costs will be added to your invoice. Once your ECU has been mapped, East Coast Garage will contact you to arrange payment which can be made digitally or over the phone.

If you have any queries about this process, you can call East Coast Garage on: 0131 663 6210, or email them on


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