SMRC Launch ‘Women On Track’ Campaign

We’re delighted to launch our new SMRC Women On Track campaign for 2019, which aims to increase our female club membership by 40% this year.

The campaign will be led by Scottish C1 Cup Racer Emily Glanvill, who will act as the representative for the initiative. Emily will coordinate the campaigns activities and will also raise awareness of the campaign as she drives the SMRC car in the C1 Cup this year, which will carry the Women On Track branding.

Currently, females represent less than 5% of the club’s membership. Through celebrating the range of existing roles women play within the club and creating a contact network within the SMRC, this campaign aims to introduce more women to the club and ultimately reduce the gender membership gulf that currently exists.

The campaign will see a number of features run to promote the successful women already playing vital roles within the club and provide opportunity for more women to get involved. We will also be linking up with partners to run some special events to encourage more women to try different roles within the club; be that driving, scrutineering or marshalling amongst others.

Commenting on the new campaign – Women On Track Representative – Emily Glanvill said:

“There have been many highly accomplished females within the SMRC over the last decade however it is important that we recognise that women currently only make up 5% of our membership. In 2019, the Women on Track campaign will work to change this. I’m really excited to act as the point of contact for this campaign and can’t wait to shine a light on the wonderful women who already play a vital role in the SMRC’s success. Through a range of initiatives, I hope we can inspire even more women and girls to get involved in all aspects of motor racing this season!”

To find out more information about the initiative, check out the Women On Track section of the website SMRC: Women On Track and look out for our first Women On Track feature in tomorrow’s event programme.