XR Newcomers Cup

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This Cup is for drivers in their 1st or 2nd season of racing. Robert Kerr was 5th out of 7 drivers in the 2016 Cup.

But in 2017 he ran 2nd as he trailed Duncan Fox after 6 rounds, as Fox had 96 points to Kerr’s 82. Both had won the class 3 times in those early rounds, but then Fox missed 6 rounds. Kerr won the class twice in the away rounds to take the lead, but had 2 no scores in rounds 9 and 10. Then he kept the points rolling in, with two more 2nds and four 3rds.

Martin Ramsay joined in round 11 and won the class 5 times in 6 rounds, losing out to a returning Fox in round 13. Although only 3 competitors were registered for this often hard fought over cup, the competition was still keen. XR2s are still a very useful place for drivers to learn race craft, and especially as its usually on an affordable budget.

2017 points: 1. Robert Kerr (230) 2. Duncan Fox (181) 3. Martin Ramsay (131)