SMTA Scottish Fiesta & Hot Hatch Championship

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Wayne Macaulay No. 1 Fiesta ST Race 2 Winner

We welcome SMTA who are the headline sponsors of this new Championship. There is also a change for Scottish Fiestas. The ST Cup for 2 litre cars made between 2002 - 08, join the hot hatches. The MK2 XR2s still have a Championship and are now racing with the Scottish Classics. They all use Yokohama treaded tyres.
The Scottish Fiesta & Hot Hatch Championship is for competitors competing in front wheel drive, naturally aspirated hatchback/saloon cars, with a class specifically for Fiesta ST.

Class A - 1801 to 2000cc , Class B - 1601 to 1800cc , Class C - 1401 to 1600cc, Class D - Up to 1400cc , Class E - Fiesta ST (manufactured 2002-2008)

Fiesta ST Cup class

Now in their 10th season the 2 litre STs are fine racing saloons, which handle well. In 2016 Kevin Whyte took his first title beating 2015 Champion Wayne Macaulay. Last season Wayne Macaulay regained his title, with a series of fine drives as he won 12 of the 16 rounds.

April : There were mixed fortunes for drivers in the opening rounds and the BMW Championship cars were added to the grid.

Round 1: Pole sitter and defending Champion Wayne Macaulay raced away in the lead. He was 4 seconds clear of veteran Peter Cruickshank, who had grabbed 2nd on lap 2 with an outbraking move at Duffus to pass Russell Morgan. Despite a safety car period to remove a car from the infield at Leslie’s corner, Macaulay continued to lead and pull away. He was over 6 seconds clear of Cruickshank by lap 8, but then started to slow and pulled into the pits. He returned a minute or so later and ran at the back of the field and was still quick but ran out of laps. All this meant a popular victory for Cruickshank, the former XR2 Champion held off Morgan who stayed close over the closing laps. Completing the podium was Cameron Bryant, who was also close to Morgan as just over a second covered the top 3 at the flag. Ryan Stirling took 4th finishing 6 seconds back, as he held off determined attacks from 2015 XR2 Champion Steven Gray. Ray MacDowall led the 2 BMWs in a good 6th beating the ST of a returning Blair Murdoch by less than a second. Annie Butterworth as 8th in her BMW. Macaulay did set a new ST lap record (61.118secs) and finished 11th.

Ray MacDowall No. 2 BMW Compact / Fiesta race 1

Round 2: Peter Cruickshank led lap 1 pressed hard by Russell Morgan. On lap 2 Morgan was through and leading. Cruickshank now had Wayne Macaulay on his bumper during lap 2. It had been a meteoric rise through the pack by Macaulay, going from 13th to 3rd in just 2 laps, as if in a Legends Cars race. Macaulay was past Cruickshank on lap 3 and was on Morgan’s bumper as the top 3 ran nose to tail. On Lap 5 Macaulay hit the front passing Morgan as they went up the hill. He then pulled effortlessly away for a fine win. Though he eased off on the last lap and his lead was cut by a third, but he still won by over 6 seconds. Morgan held 2nd as Cruickshank dropped to 4th on lap 4. He was passed by Cameron Bryant. Cruickshank dropped back 10 car lengths and led a group of 3 cars with Ryan Stirling on his bootlid. By lap 8 Cruickshank was over 2 seconds back on 3rd place Bryant. Then things changed. Bryant pressed Morgan and got past taking 2nd after Morgan made a mistake at the hairpin and ran wide on lap 9. Cruickshank closed the gap and was only half a second back on lap 11. He sat close behind Morgan, and pressed him into a mistake at the hairpin on the final lap. Morgan ran wide, and Cruickshank nipped up the inside to take 3rd and lead the championship. Morgan finished 4th though he got alongside Cruickshank in the closest finish of the day. Ryan Stirling had a lonely run to 5th. John Balfour took 6th with Blair Murdoch a second back in 7th. Top BMW of Ray MacDowall was down in 11th this time, but set a new BMW lap record (64.57secs).