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SMRC Club Coaching

In most sports there are coaches to assist and develop players or competitors skills. Golf and tennis are two prime examples. Now there are coaches for club motorsport, and the SMRC are leading the way within the UK. The service is free, if it is a short coaching or advice session. The club has four MSA level 2 qualified coaches, and is keen that their expertise is utilised.
‘We are here to help club members enjoy their racing and develop as drivers’ says Malcolm McNab who co-ordinates the club coaching. Malcolm identifies 4 key areas were drivers can get assistance. These are for current drivers. 1st getting advice about a particular issue, for example a problem corner. 2nd looking at in-car footage to assess technique. 3rd is especially for newcomers as coaches provide assistance, guidance and information to anyone who may not have raced before or has questions regarding raceday procedures, both off or on track. 4th coaches can assist by looking at non racing areas such a sponsorship, diet and general wellbeing, and how to handle issue’s that might arise on raceday.

The only service that will cost is one to one on track tuition, or in-depth analysis on race technique

‘The ultimate goal is to improve racing, and help competitors get as much enjoyment as possible from racing’, says Malcolm McNab.

Coaches also attend every SMRC race meeting. Malcolm McNab is a former Scottish Mini Cooper Newcomer Cup championship winner, and regular front runner in Mini Coopers for 5 seasons. Carol Brown is the former Scottish Legends Cars champion and also raced in BMW Compact saloons. Steve Burns is a very experienced coach and senior race official. Hamish Smart is a former Fiesta XR2 racer with 20 years of instructing experience.

‘This year we have reviewed in-car footage sent in by a number of drivers, and helped them sort out various issues,” said Malcolm. “We can provide this service over the phone or by email once a video clip has been sent in.” Malcolm also says the service covers practical advice. ‘You may have bought a car, done your ARDS course to get a race license, but are unsure of what to do on raceday, don’t worry the coaches have plenty of experience and can help you’.

Contact the SMRC club coaches by going onto the SMRC web site, click on the Get Involved section and then the Coaching button. There is a short form to complete with a couple of simple questions. This goes directly to Malcolm or one of his colleagues, and they will email a reply.

SMRC are supporting this service. Coaching may help you find that extra second or gain places in a race, then its time well spent. Maybe you have questions about raceday activity, don’t guess, get confidential coaching advice, its manly free and could be invaluable.


Club Chairman Sandy Denham presented the no. 1 SMRC Jim Clark medal to the Jim Clark Trust and no. 2 medal to Lorretto School, which Jim Clark attended.