27th March at the Dakota Hotel, South Queensferry

Sandy Denham gave the Chairman’s report, covering the 2017 season and looking forward to the new season. He gave an update on club activities, including the new web site and how it will improve the race entries system. All current office bearers were proposed and seconded and duly re-elected. The club’s accounts were also passed. In questions from the floor, members preferred to be referred to as club members or competitors. The membership renewal process has dropped the membership card, it was noted other organisations have also dropped a card, if members wanted one, they should notify Steve Burns.

From the floor Renny Thomson noted the new web site was an improvement. Vic Covey Jnr said it was still in its infancy and is being developed. Hugh McCaig said we needed input from members and useful feedback. Ian Morton asked about using SMRC Facebook pages for news, such as the AGM, and it was suggested he met with Vic Covey Jnr to discuss.

Renny thought it was a good idea that the club had control of Facebook pages to stop malicious comments. Sandy Denham said there were clear guidelines in the MSA blue book regarding social media.

Regarding Wheelspin, Sandy asked who of those present read it. Most of the members present from the floor indicated they did. There was a question regarding a bequest. Sandy said he and fellow directors have discussed this with lawyers, and we are not yet able to advise on details yet, but stated that whatever there is in the legacy will be used for this club, and will be dealt with in a proper and sensible way. It will be structured for the club’s benefit for as long as possible. This was left by John Romanes, as wonderful patronage from a great friend of the club.

Sandy also noted the Sheila and Hartley Whyte Trust had run out of money, after supporting the club for many years (with annual awards). This was an example of what can happen.

Alistair Baptie asked if the club could look at a driver incentive scheme. Sandy asked Alistair to forward his ideas to him. Hugh McCaig noted that we need more people out racing, as entries keep the club going and that social media had exasperated negative comments.

Steve Burns said marketing in motorsport is on-going, but we are a minority sport. But clubs can get help people who are interested to get on the grid. He noted that we did a Go Motorsport promotion on social media and 54 people expressed interest and registered, with the aim of coming along to Knockhill to learn more. Unfortunately the day was snowed off. The club are following up these enquiries. Steve said that larger grids tend to attract people who want to get involved.

Finally, Sandy thanked everyone for attending, and asked that more members contact Kevin Pick with Wheelspin content. He wished everyone a happy and successful season.