Saloons & Sportscars Championship

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William Robson - Champion
Paul Rankin - Runner-up

September was on the reverse layout and saw two wins from guest Andy Forrest, in his very quick Westfield. Andrew Morrison and William Robson took 2nd and 3rd in each race, and won their classes. Ron Cumming non started in his kit car which was unfortunate, as he could have had a good race with Forrest. Guest driver Scott Tollan took 4th in his Escort Cosworth in race 1 and 5th in race 2. Championship contenders had a strange day, as while Robson had two class wins and now led the championship, the Championship leader before the meeting Paul Rankin decided to change class in September and run with slicks. This meant he didn’t score points in the class with treaded tyres asns as the rules say you can’t add points scored in different classes together he was effectively giving the lead to Robson.

William Robson regained the Championship lead after he had a no score in round 8 that saw Rankin overtake him. After September Robson had a 25 point lead over Rankin, while former Champion Andrew Morrison was 40 points behind the leader though has missed several rounds. Only these top 3 could win the title.

The October races were missing both Robson and Morrison, and Rankin again entered the slick tyre class, so didn’t add to his main points scoring total earned on treaded tyres. Race 1 Andy Forrest had the black bewinged Westfield on pole. He led all the way, and despite two safety car periods was 3 seconds clear of Andrew Gallagher’s 4WD Mitsubishi EVO. The rally driver drove really well on the wet track. He took 2nd from Paul Brydon’s M3 on lap 1, and went through Clark corner sideways on lap 2. Brydon stayed 3rd but slipped a couple of seconds back , before Ron Cumming took 3rd on lap 6 with his Nemesis kit car. Fiona Kindness eventually took 4th in her Imprezza having dropped to 7th on lap 1 she was 5th by lap 3. Brydon retired on lap 9 promoting fellow guest Fiona. Robert Drummond was then 5th and won class A1. Race 2 it was still wet as Robert Gallagher blasted into the lead. He was never headed, but was under constant pressure until lap 9. He had Andy Forrest on his tail from the start. The Westfield is quick and the SLS driver was enjoying racing. But then Andy went off on Railway straight, the commentators thought he had aquaplaned off. He damaged his front spoiler but kept going. Ron Cumming took 2nd having been around 5 seconds behind Forrest, who still managed to still take 3rd. Ian Bonthrone in an M3 was 4th and top guest, as Forrest had switched to being a registered competitor for October.

All this meant William Robson was Champion again with his Focus RS, despite not racing in October. Runner up Paul Rankin, 3rd Andrew Morrison.