Scottish Legends Cars Championship 2017

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These cars are based on 5/8th scale 1930s US cars and coupes. They have rear wheel drive and sequential gearboxes, motorcycle engines and race on hard compound tyres. They always provide lots of action on track. This is due to their race format of 2 heats and a final. Heat one’s grid is drawn at random and reversed in Heat 2, then the highest scoring cars start at the back for the final. All drivers who are rookies or newcomers to Legends Cars racing must start at the back for 6 races, helping them to get used to the rolling grid starts and close racing.

Last season we had 26 cars race, but as one was a shared team car then 27 drivers took part, which was slightly down on 2016. Guests were down 1 to 5 compared to 2016, but way ahead of 2015 when there was one guest. The championship was over 9 rounds (it was 10 in 2016, but 7 in 2015). There were two away rounds at Anglesey, so Legends Cars had 27 races in 2017. The maximum score for 1 round is 600 points, but that’s 3 race wins and it isn’t easy to score a maximum.

In 2017, John Paterson retained his title, that’s 4 times in a row for this fine driver. Outright race wins were dominated by John Paterson with 18 (he had 21 in 2016), followed by Ivor Greenwood with 5 wins, then 4 drivers each took one win, which were Jordan Hodgson, Stewart Black, David Hunter and Ben Mason. The average entry was just over 14 cars, an improvement from under 12 cars in 2016. The 2017 season started with 15, fell to a low of 12 in rounds 2 and 3 then improved with a good turnout of 18 cars for the last round.

John Paterson did the treble wining both heats and the final an impressive 3 times. This he did in 3 of the first 4 rounds, and also took two wins and a 2nd in two other rounds. In round 8 he also scored over 550 points, and such form should have seen him well clear. But he had a low scoring round 7 so other drivers could keep up with him in the race for the title.

By October, Paterson had a 375 point lead over David Hunter, and Ivor Greenwood was another 60 points back. Mathematically it was a 3 way race, if Paterson had dnfs he could lose. Despite a fright with a no score in heat 1 he roared back with two more wins, and the title was his. David Hunter took one win in 2017, but scored over 500 points in 6 rounds and his scores included eleven 2nds and ten 3rds.

Veteran Ivor Greenwood came over from Ireland to race, and he is quick. Ivor had 5 wins, five 2nds and four 3rds. He scored over 500 points four times, though also had a couple of accidents when fighting hard.

In 4th Steven McGill had six 3rds, six 4ths and scored over 500 points twice. Ryan McLeish took 5th his highest score was 485 and he had three 2nds, two 3rds and six 4ths. Rounding out the top 6 was top Rookie Jordan Hodgson. He had a win, three 4ths and one score of 500 points and was 490 points clear of 7th placed rookie Michael Paxton whose top score was 435 and he had a 2nd.

In 8th was the team car entry, which doesn’t count in the overall drivers title and it missed 3 rounds, but we saw two old favourites back. The fine veteran Gerard McCosh got quicker in his early season rounds, then Ben Mason took over and the former multi champion as right on the pace with a win and a couple of 2nd’s. 9th overall was Stewart Black. He missed 4 rounds but is quick. He had a win, two 2nds and a three 3rds, with a two scores over 500 points. He also led a wet race by a mile in September, before spinning off on the last lap at the chicane, when he should have won. In 10th was Colin McNeill with a top score of 400 points and he did all 9 rounds.

The Rookie award is made to a new driver who finishes highest in the overall points table. This was won by Jordan Hodgson, only after a season-long scrap with Michael Paxton. They both drove well and were consistent as they finished 6th and 7th overall.

The team car competition saw only 1 car register, and this was driven by veteran Gerard McCosh and former champion Ben Mason, so it took the award.

Driver of the day was shared amongst the competitors at Knockhill. It was judged by two journalists and went to Ivor Greenwood, Stewart Black, John Paterson, Jordan Hodgson, Ben Mason, David Hunter, Steven McGill. Top guest was Irish racer and former SMRC front runner Paul O’Brien (3rd o/a 2012 & 2013, 2nd o/a 2014), who did round 9 and took a 3rd in heat 2 and 2nd in the final.

In 2018 the cars have a single rounds at 6 SMRC Knockhill’s as well as one with KMSC, and double header away rounds at Anglesey in Wales, a track some drivers have been to before. The championship will be over 9 rounds (27 races), but only the top 8 rounds scores count.

2017 Points: 1. John Paterson (4460) 2. David Hunter (4240) 3. Ivor Greenwood (3980)