Scottish Legends Cars Championship

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John Paterson No. 1 returned and was runner up in Heat 1

Heat 1

Ivor Greenwood won from John Paterson and David Hunter, three big guns at the front. Former Champion Ben Mason was 4th with Jordan Hodgson in his wheel tracks and Michael Paxton completing the top 6. Cars in 3rd to 5th were covered by half a second at the flag. Stewart Black got home 7th with Dave Newall close behind in 8th. Paxton led until lap 3 when Paterson took over . He had Ivor Greenwood for company on lap 4. Greenwood closed a half second gap in 3 laps then dived past Paterson at Duffus on lap 7 to lead. He stayed there winning by half a second from John Paterson who was back after a mountain bicycle accident and he’d missed some races. Hunter got into 3d on lap 5 at Clark but couldn’t shake of his pursuers, as Ben Mason stuck to him, grabbed 3rd for a lap o. Only for Hunter to take it back on alp 7 at Duffus. These two had Jordan Hodgson right with them on lap 8 after he passed Michael Paxton.

Michael Paxton car No. 5 took 4th in the Final

Heat 2

Second win of the day for Ivor Greenwood as the veteran held of Ryan McLeish in a close finish. Steven McGill was 3rd and only 3 tenths covered the top 3 at the flag. Dave Newall got up to 4th. Championship leader David Hunter was 5th less than a second clear of Jordan Hodgson, with Pino Palazzo 7th, half a second ahead of Stewart Black. Greenwood took the lead on lap 3 after Steven McGill led the early laps. He had Ryan McLeish right with him and McLeish led on lap 5 diving past at the hairpin. Ivor dropped to 3rd for a lap as McGill went pat. Then Ivor regained the lead on lap 8 going up the hill as the top 3 ran close. There were 5 cars nose to tail at the front in a close finish. Steven McGill said, ‘it was a good race, with quite a fast lap. It was clean and quick at the front, and I have another podium, so I’m delighted as we are a privateer team.’

Dave Newall car No. 60 won the Final


Duncan Vincent raced away from pole, and was over 3 seconds up the road by lap 4. Kieran Beaty ran 2nd and got a second clear of Pino Palzo, but Pino reeled him in and took 2nd on lap 4. A safety car on lap 6 bunched things up. We had three leaders between laps 6 to 10. Duncan Vincent who had seen his big led evaporate. He led again on lap 6 then lost the lead at MacIntyre on lap 7 as he and Steven McGill spun and went off the road with McGll endi ng up in the gravel. A second safety car was out on lap 9 with Dave Newall now leading, after he had been running 3rd and then he found himself top man. Unusual y the race finished under safety car conditions, with Dave Newall the winner from Ben Mason who spent lap 8 right on his tail. Ryan McLeish was 3rd, from Michael Paxton, Colm O’Sullivan and Ivor Greenwood rounding out the top 6. John Paterson didn’t start.