Scottish Legends Cars Championship

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Ryan McLeish took 3rd place in the final
Steven McGill 3rd in heat 1

This meeting had 14 SMRC races on a really warm day in Fife. There was a Vauxhall gathering promoted by the circuit. People brought along all sorts of mainly rapid Vauxhalls. They were on display and had a parade around the circuit at lunchtime. There was also a Vauxhall drag race competition, held up the main straight. It was won by a Supercharged V8 VXR 8. The SMRC races provided some new winners this season, in Mini Coopers, Saloons & Sportscars and Scottish Legends Cars Championship

Heat 1 8 Laps

Kieran Beaty led from pole for half a lap to Clark corner then Ben Mason dived past into the lead. But on lap 2 David Hunter took over at the front as he and Mason raced up the hill to Duffus. Hunter has started 6th and was a second clear by lap 3, and he then extended his lead to nearly 3 seconds by lap 6. By now Stewart Black was 2nd he’d been on Ben Mason’s tail since lap 2 and was 2nd on lap 4. By lap 6 Steven McGill had got into 3rd having started 13th. Mason was still with them but about to be joined by Jordan Hodgson and Ryan McLeish . On lap 7 Black had cut Hunter’s lead to 1.5 seconds, but Hunter went onto win by just over a second. Steven McGill took 3rd around 2 seconds behind Black with Hodgson on his bumper in 4th a place he took on lap 7. Ben Mason was a close 5th with Ryan McLeish 6th less than half a second back. Duncan Vincent was 7th having started 15th and a few tenths ahead of Ivor Greenwood.

Heat 2 8 laps

Colin McNeil led until MacInyres and went off, rejoining near the back, this let in Dave Newall. He’d started on row 2 and had Jordan Hodgson right with him. These 2 opened a second gap on Duncan Vincent. A lap later Vincent had closed up and we had three at the front all nose to tail. Then Hodgson led lap 3 before 4 Duncan Vincent led a lap later, but Dave Newall regained the lead on lap 5. He stayed there until lap 7 when Hodgson took over again and this time he held on to win, but by a tiny margin of one tenth of a second. Newall was 2nd but Vincent had dropped back. On lap 5 we had seen an 11 car train at the front as the peloton had engulfed the break away. Michael Paxton closely chased by Ivor Greenwood had brought a long train back to the leaders. Greenwood grabbed 4th on lap 6 and 3rd a lap later. McLeish took 4th on lap 7 then 3rd on the last lap, as Vincent was shuffled down to 7th. David Hunter appeared in 5th late on after a late charge going from 8th on lap 6 to 5th on the final lap, as the cars raced down to the hairpin. Stewart Black followed him all race and took 6th. It had been a race of non-stop overtaking. Race winner Jordan Hodgson said, ‘absolutely fantastic race, loved every minute of it’.

The Final 10 laps

There was a mass charge into Duffus with cars 2 and 3 wide across the tack as Colin McNeill led from Kieran Beaty. On lap 2 Beaty took over the lead though McNeil stayed with him. Michael Paxton now ran 3rd but was demoted on lap 3 as Dave Newall who started 9th. Newall had 2nd on lap 4 then took the lead on lap 5. Colin McNeil spun out of 4th as he exited the chicane on lap 4, and went into the infield. He rejoined well down the field. Dave Newall was joined at the front by Ivor Greenwood on lap 5. Greenwood had started 12th and was fired up. He sat close to Newall for a 2 laps then went past at MacIntyres. Three laps later it was the last lap and Newall outbraked Greenwood at Duffus to lead. But veteran Ivor wasn’t beaten and retook the lead at MacIntyres, going on to win. He headed a close group of 6 cars as the top two had lost their 1 second cushion late on. Ryan McLeish was 3rd with David Hunter taking 4th on the last lap from Steven McGill. Jordan Hodgson was 6th having started 16th The top six cars were covered by 1.1 seconds. Kieran Beaty took 7th then Ben Mason 8th and Stewart Black who had run 6th with a lap to go but lost out late on, was a close 9th. It had been another hectic race. It was close racing as under 3 seconds covered