Scottish Legends Cars Championship

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David Hunter No. 6, Legends Heat 2

Scottish Legends Cars are 5/8th scale American style race cars, powered by a Yamaha 1250cc motorcycle engine and they are rear wheel drive. These cars start on a rolling grid after forming up behind a pace car. There are 2 heats and a final for every round. This Championship was decided on the last day of the season in 2017. There were three drivers with a chance of the title, as the maximum score is 600 points per round, with 200 for a win in each of their 3 races. John Paterson eventually won his 4th Legends Cars title in a row, winning 2 of the 3 last races. David Hunter was runner up again (as in 2015), and veteran Ivor Greenwood came 3rd.

In 2018 the total scores from a driver’s top 8 of 9 rounds will decide the championship. There is also a class for Team cars, were one car is shared by 2 or more drivers during the season (2017 Team car winners were Gerard McCosh and Ben Mason). Rookies are drivers in their first season of Legends racing and the top Rookie in the points table receives an award at the end of the season.

April meeting: John Paterson did the treble, winning all 3 races in a day, which isn’t easy, especially as the grid for Legends Cars has grown to 19 cars.

Heat 1: Paterson started towards the back and passed 7 cars on lap 1. Stewart Black was leading until lap 3, when the returning Dave Newall went into the lead, chased hard by Ryan McLeish who then took over at the front a lap later. Newall regained the lead on lap 5. All this dicing let John Paterson slip through the field. He was up to 5th by lap 5 and got into 2ndon lap 6. Paterson hit the front on lap 7 and then headed a tight group of 5 cars, all running nose to tail over the final lap as he won from Newall and veteran Ivor Greenwood. David Hunter was next up on Greenwood’s bumper in 4th a place he grabbed on lap 7 from Ryan McLeish. Though McLeish held off Steven McGill for 5th as they were close. Then Billy Wait was 7th close to McGill’s rear bumper at the flag. Pino Palazzo was right behind Wait in 8th and these two had run nose to tail from mid race.

Ryan McLeish No. 71, Legends Final

Heat 2: John Paterson was at the front of the grid, and raced away from former champion Ben Mason. Jordan Hodgson outbraked Mason on lap 2 at the hairpin, but Mason stayed with him and they had David Hunter for close company. Paterson was now 3 seconds clear in the lead. Hunter moved past the two ahead of him to be 2nd by lap 4, and eased away from 3rd place, which was taken by Steven McGill on lap 5. Hunter was 2 seconds clear of McGill when Ivor Greenwood took over 3rd Ivor had started down in 14th and charged through the pack. The pack fighting over 3rd closed up from lap 5, led by McGill. Paterson took the win by nearly 3 seconds, Hunter and McGill were on the podium, with Ben Mason getting 4th late on having dropped to 6th with a lap to go. Ivor Greenwood was 3rd on the last lap having passed McGill on lap 7, then he dropped to 6th finishing behind Jordan Hodgson who was 5th as the cars swapped places late on the lap.

The final: The high scorers from the heats start at the back. Stewart Black who has won races in Legends was leading the early laps. We had a safety car period at the end of lap 2, as Ben Mason’s car was retrieved from the first corner, Duffus. Black held the lead until lap 4 when Ryan McLeish went through at Duffus. John Paterson had been shooting through the field was up 5th by lap 3, having started 16th. He got into 3rd on lap 5, and sat behind Black for a lap. Paterson was on fine form and slipped past the 2 cars ahead of him to lead on lap 7, by the time they got to Duffus. He was chased by McLeish over the closing laps, and was under a second ahead at the flag. David Newall worked his way into 3rd on lap 7 having started 12th and stayed there, as Stewart Black followed him home in 4th. Ivor Greenwood started 13th and was up to 5th by lap 7 heading a 4 car train with Steven McGill on his tail. On the last lap David Hunter took 6th with McGill inches behind him in 7th at the flag. Billy Wait finished 8th having run 3rd until lap 3. John Paterson also set a new lap record (58.54 secs) in the final, after David Hunter had lowered the record in Heat 2. No team cars were entered.

Rookies: 3 entered in April, Colm O’Sullivan was the class winner in heat 1, John Critchlow was top Rookie in heat 2 and the final.