Scottish Legends Car Championship

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David Hunter No. 6

We had a good 19 car grid and some surprises. In April Champion John Paterson won all 3 races, but not this time. 2 x 8 Lap heats 1 x 10 lap final

Heat 1 was won by David Hunter. It was not until lap 4 that Hunter took the lead, passing Steven McGill, though it was Pino Palazzo who led lap 1, then Steven McGill took over for a couple of laps. Jordan Hodgson followed Hunter grabbing 2nd on lap 6, then he ran wide at the hairpin on lap 8 and dropped well down the order. This promoted Dave Newall to 2nd after running 4th on lap 6, when he started 9th. Stuart Black had been right with Newall holding 4th on lap 3 after starting 10th then he spun at the hairpin, and dropped well back. Third eventually went to Duncan Vincent, having his first Legends Cars race in 3 years, and he drove well just holding off McGill after starting 6th he dropped a place but was in 5th by lap 4, and then sat behind Steven McGill. Vincent made his move on the last lap. McGill took 4th, then Ryan McLeish and Ivor Greenwood completed the top 6 as just over 3 seconds covered them. John Paterson was 9th having moved up just 2 places, so a mechanical issue was suspected.

David Hunter said, ‘ That definitely feels good after the dramas of April. We’ve not done big changes to the car, just finesse. I was surprised not to see John (Paterson) in my mirrors’. Dave Newall said ‘ I went into that race wondering how I’d get on as its the first time I’ve driven the car in that direction. I was just concentrating and chasing the cars in front. So I’ve got to be happy with that.’

Duncan Vincent No. 7

Heat 2 , Ivor Greenwood led lap 1 but John Paterson was soon back at the front, he went from 6th to lead by lap 2 and ran away to win. Ivor held onto 2nd chased by Dave Newall, who took 2nd on lap 5 at the hairpin. He quickly opened out a couple of seconds gap, as Ivor had Stewart Black on his bumper. Stewart had moved up from 8th on lap 1 and was into 3rd on lap 6 as they raced along Railway Straight. Ivor’s car started to sound rough and he lost a few places finishing 7th. Duncan Vincent had been 11th on lap 1 then 8th a lap later, moving to 5th by lap 5, then he grabbed 4th on lap 7 and stayed there, but had Ryan McLeish all over him at the end. Only a few hundredths of a second separated them, as they nearly dead heated. In 6th was David Hunter who started 12th but got tied up in traffic early on, and was 8th by mid distance. Ivor was 7th with Michael Paxton close behind him.

Ivor Greenwod No. 37

Final, Colin McNeil led lap 1 as 7 cars ran nose to tail at the font. Then Steven McGill took over the lead until lap 4. He had car swapping places behind him with Duncan Vincent on his bumper on lap 3, but then Jordan Hodgson went from 3rd to lead on lap 4. Duncan was glued to him, but on lap 5 Ivor Greenwood slipped into 2nd as Duncan had a moment at the hairpin and was on the dirt as he wrestled with brake problems, that had plagued him all meeting. Veteran Ivor Greenwood was the 4th race leader. He took over from Jordan Hodgson on lap 6, then held off Hodgson and McGill to win. Duncan Vincent went off with suspected brake failure at the hairpin, when fighting for 3rd on lap 8, promoting Steven McGill to 3rd. Ryan McLeish got into 4th on lap 9 followed by Colin McNeil as they both demoted Pino Palazzo, who had been going well. But on the final lap Stuart Black appeared in 5th having been 8th on lap 9. There was a sort out as David Hunter who was 7th and had John Paterson on his tail, but these two clipped Colin McNeill as they tried to pass and both Hunter and McNeill were out, while Paterson limped home 14th and last finisher of the 19 starters.