Scottish Formula Ford 1600 Championship

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Ross Martin - Champion
Sebastian Melrose - Runner-up

This year its congratulations to young Ross Martin, who has successfully defended his title and won every round, with many fine and dominant drives. He missed out on a clean sweep of race wins, as a non scoring guest beat him earlier in the season, but he had a full house of Championship points wins and 12 outright race wins.

Mazda Road to Indy; The 2018 season was again spiced up by the chance-in-a-lifetime prize, for the FF winner Ross Martin, as he may now compete in a season ending shoot out with other champions.

Chosen drivers will gather, as 16 single seater championships around the world compete in a “shootout” from which a winner will be selected. This shootout will be in America, and the winner is given a scholarship into the USF2000 single seater Championship, the first rung on the Mazda Road to Indy development ladder.

September saw Ross Martin in dominant form on the reverse layout track. In damp conditions he ran away to win race 1. Kieran Haggerty had returned as a guest, the former Scottish FF Champion who raced in F4 and British GTs with a McLaren, was having his first FF race in 4 years. He was a consistent in 2nd easing away from Gary Sykes who had a good 3rd. Jordan Gronkowski took 4th having run 3rd then dropped to 6th mid race after some sliding around. Race 2 Ross Martin again disappeared into the distance as Haggerty held 2nd. Seb Melrose had another good start running 4th on lap 1 after starting 6th By lap 2 he was 3rd then Seb grabbed 2nd on lap 3 from Haggerty, and held on despite Haggerty staying close.

October Ross Martin eventually won race 1 with ease being over 10 seconds ahead at the end. Seb Melrose took 2nd nearly 6 seconds clear of Gary Sykes. But Ross Martin had Jordan Gronkowski staying close within 5 or 6 car lengths until lap 10, when Jordan closed up. But then he slowed and stopped at the hairpin. Neil Broome had run 4th then stopped on track on lap 11, and this caused the race to be red flagged and results declared at the end of lap 10. Race 2 the final race of the year was won by Ross Martin, over 4 seconds clear of Gary Sykes, who held off Jordan Gronkowski by 2 tenths of a second, to equal his best finish of the season in 2nd.Gronkowski had started 9th and was 5th at the back of a 3 car train disputing 2nd by lap 2. But although he passed Michael MacPherson on lap 5 for 3rd, he couldn’t get past Gary Sykes for 2nd. Ross Martin had built up over 10 seconds lead, but a late safety car period saw him have to open out a lead again, which he did with ease.

FF Champion Ross Martin. Runner up Seb Melrose.

Jordan Gronkowski - 3rd
Gary Skyes - Strong showing in October