Scottish Formula Ford 1600 Championship

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Ross Martin - Winner of both FF races
Neil Broome - 2nd in race 1

July’s two rounds saw another two wins for Ross Martin.

Round 5 was a good race. Martin led lap 1 in his Ray then Jordan Gronkowski in one of two Van Diemens in the race. He grabbed the lead by passing Martin at the right hand corner after Lelsie’s, MacIntyre. Gronkowski led until lap 9 with Martin and Melrose running very close behind him, and they had Neil Broome right with them. Less than a second covered the top 4 from the start. On lap 9 Gronkowski slowed as he went up the hill and fell to 4th, but his car seemed okay again. . Ross Martin led the final 4 laps to win again. Unusually the race finished under a safety car. This was after Seb Melrose and Jordan Gronkowski clashed on lap 10 fighting over 2nd as by now Gronkowski had grabbed 3rd. They went off at MacIntyre, with both cars retiring. Neil Broome inherited 2nd with Matthew Chisholm 3rd. Chisholm was over 6 seconds back on lap 10 having had a good scrap with James Clarke . He led this battle for the opening 2 laps then fell behind Clarke, before repassing him on lap 7. So Clarke took 4th with Fraser Gray 5th and the final finisher as 4 cars were dnfs. Gray had a battle with Steven Barlow until mid race, when Barlow stopped at the chicane and retired.

In round 6 Ross Martin led all the way after a lightening start, where he was a second clear of the field after one lap. He was 4 seconds ahead with a lap to go, but eased off though still won. Neil Broome chased him for 7 laps and by then headed a 4 car train led by Seb Melrose. It was Melrose who dived past at Duffus hanging Broome out wide on lap 8, to take 2nd. He then held off Matthew Chisholm, who had also nipped past Broome at Duffus, by following Melrose closely. Over the closing laps these two ran nose to tail in 2nd and 3rd. Broome dropped back and finally finished 5th behind James Clarke who grabbed 4th from him. Gary Sykes finished 6th just over 3 seconds back, though he did hold 5th for a lap on lap 9, before Broome repassed him and got clear. Ross Martin said, ‘it was a straight forward race, though had some temperature issues so managed them (the commentators noted he was short shifting his gears)’ Seb Melrose had more action and commented, ‘ Good start, then behind Neil Broome. He had the hairpin covered , so dive bombed him at Duffus. and got more points for second.’