Scottish Fiesta XR2 Championship

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Martin Ramsay - XR2 Champion
Duncan O'Neill - Runner-up

This long running championship is now racing with the Classics. The 1980s XR2s still offer very affordable racing. In 2018 congratulations to Martin Ramsay who has won the class in every round. He has been chased by Duncan O’Neill throughout the season, and these two have often battled with Classics as they fought over the XR2 title.

September /October

Two class wins at each meeting from Martin Ramsay in both September and October meetings, saw him complete a 100% win record. There were three XR2s at both meetings races, but Ramsay was well ahead of Duncan O’Neill in both September races, as William Currie retired both times. In October race 1 Ramsay eased away from O’Neill finishing over 10 seconds clear as the two XR2s came 7th and 8th overall out of 12 finishers. Duncan Fox was 3rd XR2 in 10th. In race 2 it was closer but Ramsay eventually won the class by 6 seconds from O’Neill.