Scottish Fiesta Hot Hatch Championship

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Mark Geraghty No. 67

2 x 12 laps. Only STs raced as Wayne Macaulay dominated both races, winning as he pleased. Mark Geraghty the current Mini Cooper champion entered as a guest. April race winner Peter Cruickshank didn’t race.

Race 1 Wayne Macaulay ran away from the field in his new car. He said his car was cracking, and he set a new lap record with it at 61.29 seconds. I n 2nd was resigning Mini Cooper champion Mark Geraghty. He had Blair Murdoch close on lap 1 then opened out a 2 second lead, which he maintained for most of the race. Murdoch closed to within a second on lap 9 but Geraghty kept him at bay. In 4th Cameron Bryant moved up from 7th. He took 5th at the hairpin on lap 2 as he chased John Balfour. A lap later he was 4th and he was then 2 seconds behind Murdoch, but couldn’t close that gap. Balfour was 5th while Russell Morgan held off Stewart Scott for 6th after passing him on lap 10.

Mark Geraghty said,’ racing is an addiction, I hired a car late on and it was my first time in a Fiesta and it wasn’t too bad, so I might be back for more.’
Race 2 Wayne Macaulay had Mark Geraghty on his tail for 2 laps, but by lap 3 he was over a second clear and soon raced away. Geraghty was under pressure from Cameron Bryant who stayed a second behind him all race. John Balfour ran 4th all race with Blair Murdoch never far behind, indeed less than half a second separated them until mid distance, as Murdoch finished 5th. Russell Morgan got home 6th having been in a 3 car dice all race. He passed Lorn Murray on lap 4 at Clark corner, then Stewart Scott on lap 10 as these three kept close all race.