Classic Sports and Saloon Cars

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Alastair Baptie - Champion
Raymond Boyd - Runner-up

Scottish Classics are cars mainly from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The championship structure is based on engine size and year of manufacture. All drivers score points in their classes, so the overall champion can come from anywhere. Alastair Baptie was the defending champion, racing a Fiat X1/9 sportscar in class A.

September’s 2 races on the reverse track produced 2 different race winners. In race 1 Andrew Smith won in his 1st race of the season at Knockhill, in a Morgan +8. It was a close race as John Kinmond led in his Rover SD1 saloon. Smith and Raymond Boyd (911) swapped places early on, with Smith grabbing 2nd then he closed on Kinmond, and took the lead mid race at the hairpin. Boyd followed him and took 2nd in the 911. Smith then pulled 3 seconds clear only to be delayed lapping cars. This allowed Boyd to close right up. Kinmond dropped back but held onto 3rd. In 4th Mario Ferrari won class A with his 1500cc Alfa Coupe, with Bruce Mitchell 5th in his class winning Lotus Europa.

Race 2 saw Raymond Boyd on top form. He led all the way for a good win. He was under non-stop pressure from Andrew Smith, and they were rarely more than a couple of car lengths apart. Bruce Mitchell won class B again finishing 3rd chased by Alistair Baptie who won class A, having passed class rival Mario Ferrari on lap 3.

Championship update - This was the closest fought championship. Before the final October meeting only 3 points separated the two main title contenders. Defending Champion Alastair Baptie led former champion Raymond Boyd. In 3rd Mario Ferrari has a mathematical chance of the title, but the top 2 would have to fail to finish.

October – Race 1 was on a wet track and it was raining. Raymond Boyd drove the wheels of his 911 Turbo, away quickly from the front row, he ran away and was never under pressure, winning by over 10 seconds. John Kinmond gave chase in his Rover SD1 but slowly dropped back. Tommy Gilmartin had been on pole in his Morgan, but he dropped back in 3rd and pitted on lap 6 when 3rd but under pressure from Alastair Baptie’s Fiat X1/9. Tommy later said he had the wrong tyres on. Baptie came3d, so he and Boyd both won their class. Mario Ferrari was 4th and 2nd in class A to Baptie, and on track he really closed on Baptie on the final lap, as they were only 2 tenths of a second apart at the flag. Bruce Mitchell took 5th with the Lotus Europa and won class B. He was 5 seconds ahead of Stuart Thorburn who had his lovely MK1 Escort Twin Cam out for a race. Boyd said, ‘had a fantastic start but lost 3rd gear so used 2nd and 4th, so I might have been on a sticky wicket in the dry’.

Race 2 It was still wet, but John Kinmond made a good start. Alastair Baptie had out dragged both front row cars to lead briefly, but Kinmond led by Macintyres. Raymond Boyd took 2nd at the Hairpin then set after Kinmond but couldn’t close the gap on his class rival. The gap stayed around 3 seconds until lap 9, when Boyd started to close. But he was still half a second back in 2nd at the end. Baptie took another class win and the Championship, though he had dropped back to 4th behind Bruce Mitchell by mid race, he was still doing enough. Mario Ferrari had pitted on lap 3 as had Tommy Gilmartin. Stuart Thorburn took a lonely 5th from Michael Longstaffe’s MG Midget.

Alastair Baptie retained the Championship, his second title in only his 3rd year of racing. Runner up Raymond Boyd.

John Kinmond - Pushing to the limit
Martin Ramsay - XR2 Champion