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Tommy Gilmartin Car no. 77 won all 3 races in August on his return
Craig Houston No. 91 Lotus Excel – an unusual and rare Classic race car appeared in August

Race 1

There was a good entry as 16 cars lined up on the grid. Andrew Graham was on pole with his Triumph TR8. But from the front row Raymond Boyd out sprinted him to Duffus and led in his Porsche 911 Turbo. Tommy Gilmartin was back and the former Champion started 3rd in the Morgan V8. He grabbed 2nd by Duffus as we had 3 cars running nose to tail at the front. Graham being 3rd. These 3 pulled away at a second a lap from Bruce Mitchell’s Lotus Europa, which was getting away from Charlie Cope’s fast Golf GTi. Tommy Gilmartin took over the lead on lap 2and was never headed, but he had to work hard for his win. Raymond was on his bumper all the way. Atb the flag just half a second separated them. Andrew Graham was very close in 3rd until lap 10 when he suddenly dropped back. His car was suffering brake problems, but he nursed it home in 3rd 14 seconds behind Tommy, but still 4 seconds ahead of Bruce. Jimmy Crow’s Escort took 5th he chased Charlie Cope and after the safety car period on lap 4 was right on his bumper, going past for 5th on lap 6 at the hairpin. Charlie then stopped there and retired. On the move was Alistair Baptie. The reigning champion had qualified unusually last in his Fiat X1/9. He was soon ripping through the field. He took 6th on lap 9 from Ian Blacklin’s Capri. He caught Jimmy Crow on lap 10 but couldn’t find a way past so finished 6th and won class A yet again after a fine drive. Blacklin took 7th less than 2 seconds ahead of Mario Ferrari’s class A Alfasud Coupe. Fastest lap was Andrew Graham 57.58 secs.

In the Scottish XR2 Championship just 2 cars started, but they made a race of it and hassled some Classics in the process. Martin Ramsay won the class by a few seconds from Duncan O’Neill. They battled with Michael Longstaffe’s Midget and Craig Houston’s 1980s Lotus Excel for a few laps, before the MG eased away and Houston slowed and cruised home from lap 8.Ramsay was also 10th overall in a field with many more powerful cars, the XR2s handle well and make up time round the corners.

There were 16 starters again though we lost 2 cars from Saturday’s grid who were replaced with 2 cars just doing Sundays two races. The two dns were Craig Houston’s Lotus Exige which is an unusual race car, and Charlie Cope’s quick Golf GTi. In came guests Patrick Jack in an MGB GTV8 and Roderick Jack with a Lotus Elan. From the start Raymond Boyd’s 911 outdragged pole sitter Tommy Gilmartin’s Morgan, with Andrew Graham right on Tommy’s tail with the TR8. The front 3 ran close with Tommy taking the lead by lap 3. Tommy was 2 seconds clear by lap 5 and Raymond had a similar gap the Andrew by lap 6. On lap 7 Andrew slowed and pitted to retire. His car had gear selection problems. Tommy was nearly 7 seconds clear by the flag for win no. 2 of the weekend. Raymond held 2nd well ahead of 3rd placed Bruce Mitchell’s Lotus Europa which won class B again.

Behind Bruce was an interesting scrap as Jimmy Crow had his MK1 Escort ahead of Alistair Baptie’s X1/9 sportscar from the off. They ran nose to tail until lap 6 when Alistair got the little Fiat past the Escort. A lap later Jimmy powered past going up the hill, but then Alistair slowed and pitted for the first retirement in the X1/9. Jimmy was now chased by Ian Blacklin’s 3 litre Capri. On lap 7 he was 4 seconds back, but by lap 11 the gap was less than a second though Ian ran out of laps finishing half a second behind Jimmy. These two wee well clear of Mario Ferrai’s Alfa which won class A. Next up was guest Patrick Jack’s MGB GT V8, that had started 15th and after a good drive he finished 7th were he passed Roderick Jack’s Elan on lap 9 for the place. But on lap 11 Andy Walker nipped past Roderick to take 8th with his Mallock Type R which had started 14th. Michael Longstaffe completed the top 10 with his MG Midget having been passed by William Conway’s Mini on lap 4 at the hairpin, which then pulled away only to go off at the chicane on lap 9, and after a bit of rallycrossing returned to the tarmac and finished 11th.

The Scottish XR2 Championship was Martin Ramsay versus Duncan O’Neil They ran nose to tail over the opening laps, with Ramsay ahead. Then William Conway’s Mini got between them on lap 3 he passed Ramsay on lap 4 leaving the XR2s to be tied together again for 3 more laps, before Ramsay eased away for another class win.

Once again, the rear wheel drive 911 of Raymond Boyd out sprinted poleman Tommy Gilmartin’s Morgan into Duffus. Raymond was on a mission and this time held off Tommy. They pulled away from Bruce Mitchell’s Europa which stayed 3rd until lap 4 when Andrew Graham rocketed past It had been a stella drive from Graham after starting 15th he had passed 12 cars in 4 laps. The TR8 just had too much power for the rest. He then started to close on Tommy Gilmartin. Just 2 seconds back on lap 5 he halved the gap a lap later. By lap 8 it was half a second and then he was on Raymond Boyd’s bumper on lap 9 as Tommy grabbed the lead that lap. BIyd defended from Graham and Tommy Gilmartin pulled slowly clear to win by 1.6 seconds. Over the last 2 laps Graham dropped back finishing nearly 7 seconds back. Bruce Mitchell had a quiet run to 4th . There was a battle over 5th from the off. Ian Blacklin had his Capri there passing Jimmy Crow early on. Crow sat close behind the Capri with Mario Ferrai’s class A Alfa Coupe half a second back. Jimmy took 5th going down Duffus on lap 6 in a bold move. But bn[next time round Ian blasted past on the hill. Then Jimmy repassed him on lap 8 only to lose the place again on lap 9, as the Capri made it past the Escort as they ran from the chicane to Clark. But Jimmy didn’t give up and on lap 11 retook the place only to loose it again on the final lap so Ian was 5th and 3 tenths of a second separated them. That was some dice.

Mario had dropped back by 5 seconds and won class A as Alistair Baptie was a dns. William Conway took 8th in his Mini passing Andy Walker’s Mallock on lap 11, having sat right behind him from lap 8. Roderick Jack completed the top 10 with his Elan which had been ahead of Conway and Walker until lap 3, when they both got past him. Patrick Jack went off at MacIntyres on lap 2 and retired his MG. Fastest race lap was Tommy Gilmartin 58.46 seconds while Andy Walker class G and Ian Blacklin class D set new class lap records.

The XR2s saw Martin Ramsay take his 3rd class win of the meeting, but it was close for a while. Duncan O’Neill sat on his tailgate until lap 5, then dropped back 2 seconds in a lap. O’Neill then slowly reduced the gap to less than half a second by lap 10, before Ramsay put in a sprint and won the class by nearly 2 seconds.