Scottish BMW Championship

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Ray MacDowall No. 2 BMW Compact / Fiesta Race 1

Scottish BMW Championship; Fewer cars entered so it was combined with Fiesta STs.

This was the Scottish BMW Compact Cup and is now in its 6th year. These 1900cc cars always have close racing and competed over 16 rounds in 2017. Lee Elrick won the title last year by 11 points after the championship went down to the final meeting. He beat 2016 Champion Gary Clark after a season long battle. David McNaughton took 3rd The cars use Nanking tyres, and only limited tuning and modifications are allowed, to keep costs down.

Points scoring which is now: Championship: 25,20,16,14,12,10 etc to 1. If less than 3 cars start points are 18, 14
In April these cars were combined with the Hot hatch and Fiesta ST Championship. Veteran Ray MacDowall diced with the mid field STs and held off a determined Annie Butterworth in round 1. In round 2 he had Butterworth all over his rear bumper until lap 6, when they were split by Aiden Ward’s ST. MacDowall eased away being a second clear, but Ward closed him down late on and got past the BMW. Butterworth had dropped a few car lengths back, and was behind another ST of Lorn Murray. BMW entry level was disappointingly low, but drivers with cars are welcome and will get a race.