Saloon & Sportscar Championship

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Paul Wilson No. 27 Cooper S
Ron Cumming No. 34 BMW Z3

Race 1

Ron Cumming qualified on pole for Saturday’s race with the Nemisis kit car, but was a non-starter. William Robson led all race in his Focus RS. Paul Rankin gave chase in his 2 litre Westfield kit car but fell around 6 seconds back by lap 6.Then he started to close the gap and finished just over 3 seconds back in a safe 2nd. On lap 1 Mortimer had his Cooper S on Rankin’s tail. Mortimer was only a second back after 3 laps. Mortimer had also opened out half a second gap on his class rival Paul Wilson. But Wilson closed him down and took the Cooper S class lead as they dived into the hairpin on lap 5 only for Mortimer to out-drag him going up over the hill. These two stayed very close all race but Mortimer again won his class from Wilson Frasier Jamieson came 5th overall and 3rd Mini Cooper S but dropped back from these two. There were no other finishers as many regulars were missing.

Race 2

Race 2 started with Paul Rankin beating pole sitter William Robson into Duffus, but his lead only lasted to Clark as Robson outbraked him to lead. The Focus was soon 5 seconds clear but then on lap 4 he slowed and pitted. Rankin now led with Mortimer about 3 seconds back and Paul Wilson the same gap behind in 3rd. These three spaced out as the race went on but kept position so Paul Rankin had his first win in the Championship and Mini Cooper S cars were 2nd and 3rd overall. Frasier Jamieson came in 4th though he stayed with Wilson for a few laps, then drifted back but was clear of a new car and driver combination. It was Ron Cumming in a BMW Z3 sportscar. Ron drove it hard but it wasn’t on the Minis pace.

Race 3

Paul Rankin led from pole at Duffus in the Westfield, but William Robson had shot up the straight and passed 4 cars going from 6th to 2nd by the first corner Duffus. His Focus RS was in the lead by lap 2 and he eased away from Rankin, 2 seconds ahead by lap 4, he doubled the lead by lap 6 then raced well clear to win. Paul Rankin was a safe 2nd over 10 seconds ahead of Oliver Mortimer, who maintained his 100% class win record in his Cooper S and was 3rd overall. Paul Wilson pressed Mortimer in his Cooper S over the early laps, dropped a few seconds back then closed late on, so the gap was just over a second at the flag. Frasier Jamieson was 5th in his Cooper S with Ron Cumming 6th in the Z3. Though Ron held onto Jamieson until lap 6 being only half a second back, then unusually for Ron spun at Macintyres and restarted, but now over 25 seconds behind.