Looking to 2018

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We have 6 SMRC race meetings at Knockhill, staring in April and finishing in October.

In 2018, guests can still go to away rounds, and again race in two SMRC Knockhill meetings. However, while one is still the final meeting in October, they are also free to choose any one other meeting.

Championships with away rounds booked are Mini Coopers, Legends Cars, BMWs, Fiesta ST/Hot Hatch. They are all going together to Anglesey in May. Support for these rounds is important, as it is never easy to get our championships onto race programmes of other clubs. Legends Cars will also race at a KMSC Knockhill meeting, and the club is running a nonchampionship 2 driver race at the May 13th TCR Knockhill meeting. This is open to Minis, Fiestas, BMWs, Classics, S&S and SLS cars.

Championships in 2018 could see new winners. Mini Coopers should be wide open again, though Kyle Reid could be a strong contender if he does a full season, judging by the amount of race wins he has had in the past 2 seasons, while some top BMW drivers are moving to Mini’s and former champion David Sleigh is returning.

Fiestas have a new format with Hot Hatches joining ST’s, and XR2’s going off to race with the Classics. Wayne Macaulay should start favourite to retain the ST Cup.

While in FF both Champions, Ross Martin and Seb Melrose, may only do a limited programme as they are racing in the nationals, so the experienced Jordan Gronkowski could step up as he has the pace.

Saloons & Sports cars should be wide open as it is class based. Race winners such as Ron Cumming, Robert Drummond, Roddy Paterson and Kenneth McKell could have title shots, but if their classes aren’t well supported then anyone could nip in with a consistent run.

The new Mini Cooper S Cup class should grow, and we could see 5, 6 or 7 cars racing regularly, but will anyone beat Oly Mortimer who hasn’t lost in this class.

Classics are also class based, and we could see a title charge from one of the former champions like Ray Boyd or Tommy Gilmartin, but don’t bet against Alistair Baptie retaining his title, as class A is often well supported.

The BMW’s look like numbers may fall, as cars are rumoured to have been sold and several drivers are switching to Mini Coopers. So, it depends if any of last years’ top 6 are still out racing these cars as to who might win. If their numbers are low they will race with the STs and Hot Hatches, but for their own Championship...

– Kevin Pick