The Fiesta XR2 Championship

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Martin Ramsay XR2 No.33 Classics /XR2s Race 1

This long running championship has moved to race with the Classics. Graeme Cuthbert won the championship in 2017 after 3 wins in the first 4 races, and then scored well in every round. Kristain Leith, joined in round 7 at Oulton Park, and then won every round, but was runner up.

April report

The XR2s were racing with Classics for the first time. Martin Ramsay headed the three cars and eased away to win. Duncan Fox and Duncan O’Neill raced as if they were tied together. It wasn’t until lap 11 that O’Neill got past Fox, but post race officials penalised O’Neill, so Fox got the runner up spot. Round 2 Ramsay ran away and won the class again, chasing Michael Longstaffe’s MG Midget in the race. Fox got past O’Neill on lap 1 and held him off until lap 3 when O’Neill was back ahead. They were never more than a second apart for the next 9 laps as O’Neill took the runner up points.