Celtic Speed Mini Cooper Cup

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John Duncan No. 24, Mini Cooper Cup Race 2

Celtic Speed Scottish Mini Cooper Cup supported by YokohamaTyres, Superchips and Wheelsaround

The Mini Cooper Cup format sees 3 races at all SMRC Knockhill club meetings.

In Race 1 the grid follows from the morning qualifying times. Race 2 grid follows race 1 results, but to spice things up in race 3 the starting grid top 5 to 8 places are drawn from a hat and reversed. So if 6 is drawn, then the car finishing 6th in race 1 is on pole and the winner starts 6th, whilst the car finishing 5th starts 2nd on the grid and so on.
Kyle Reid was on top form winning all 3 races.

Race 1: Kyle Reid led all the way from pole and despite 2 early safety car periods which bunched the field, he was never headed. John Duncan stuck close just a few car lengths back all race and was 2nd, with Robbie Dalgleish finishing a close 3rd after passing Dominic Wheatley mid race, though Wheatley finished 4th. The top 6 ran as a train for several laps early on. Former champion David Sleigh returned after a few years away and was a good 5th. Douglas Simpson made a good debut the former BMW Compact racer took 6th On lap 3 Simpson and David Sleigh both passed David McNaughton another ex BMW racer at the hairpin. McNaughton quickly slipped well back, a mechanical problem was suspected as he finished 15th having been 5th on lap 1. Ian Munro was a close 7th behind Simpson. Hannah Chapman had nipped past Michael Courts on the hairpin exit on lap 7 to be 8th. But on lap 8 they clashed at Butchers as Michael bounced off a kerb and Hannah went off and retired. Michael got home 11th. Top newcomer was Michael Weddell finishing 8th having passed Courts mid race and then held him off. Ashleigh Morris took the Ladies Cup class.

Dominic Wheatley No. 4, Mini Cooper Cup Race 3

Race 2: Kyle Reid was again the victor but it was close. He led a huge train of cars which kept very close together early in the race. On Lap 3 he was 2 car lengths ahead as 8 cars ran in a line chasing him down to the hairpin. By Lap 5 Reid had a 1 second lead, he was still chased by John Duncan who held 2nd all the way. By the flag Reid was 1.6 seconds ahead of Duncan who had David Sleigh on his bumper from lap 5. Sleigh had been 4th from the start and nipped past Robbie Dalgleish on lap 5, then Dalgleish slowed and pitted to retire. Dominic Wheatley ran 4th for a few laps, but the man on the move was former BMW Compact racer Douglas Simpson. He started 6th dropped to 8th on lap 2 then fought past 4 cars finally took 4th on lap 7. Dominic Wheatley got 5th after nipping past Ian Munro on lap 6 as Munro ran wide at MacIntyres, were he dropped two places as Simpson also went past. Then Simpson passed Wheatley on lap 7. Munro took 6th less than 2 tenths of a second behind Wheatley. Top newcomer Michael Weddell was 7th with Michael Courts on his bumper in 8th after running 10th on lap 1. Another driver who moved up was David McNaughton, going from 15th to 8th . His final move was going past Ross Wilkinson on the last lap for 8th.The three Ladies Cup cars ran close, as Hannah Chapman got past Ashleigh Morris on the last lap to win the class and finish 13th.

Michael Weddell No. 7, Mini Cooper Newcomers Cup

Race 3: the reversed grid race saw the top 5 finishers from race 2 change places. So on pole was Dominic Wheatley with Douglas Simpson alongside him. Wheatley led a line of Minis which jostled for position. He had David Sleigh on his tail from laps 1 to 4 as Douglas Simpson dropped to 5th on the opening lap. Kyle Reid sat in 4th behind John Duncan until lap 4 then grabbed 3rd. By lap 5 he was 2nd after passing David Sleigh at MacIntyres corner. He sat on race leader Wheatley’s bootlid for 2 laps before outbraking him at the hairpin as lap 7 closed. He then held off Wheatley to take the race win at the end of lap 9. John Duncan passed David Sleigh to finish 3rd but Sleigh held onto 4th keeping ahead of David McNaughton who was 9th on lap 1 then got through the pack finally passing Douglas Simpson on lap 8, leaving Simpson to finish in 6th. Ian Munro took 7th with top newcomer Weddell glued to his rear bumper from lap 6. Robbie Dalgleish set a new lap record in the race (61.68secs) but finished 12th having started 23rd and last. Hannah Chapman took the ladies Cup class by a couple of seconds from Ashleigh Morris. Mini Cooper Champion Mark Geraghty did not enter these races. We had 23 cars start each race in April.

Mini Cooper Newcomers Cup.

In the April races Michael Weddell also took a hat trick of wins. He beat Craig Dillon, then Ross Wilkinson twice. Wilkinson was also 3rd in race 1. We saw 6 novice drivers start the races. Craig Blake had two 3rds after a dnf in race 1. Dillon also has a dnf in race 2. Weddell set a new class lap record in race 3 (62.53 secs).