BMW Newcomers Cup 2017

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This was the third season that a Newcomers cup had been run for BMWs. It was also over 16 rounds. The Cup had 7 drivers who were in their first or second year of car racing. Jake Hutchinson had the cup won before the final meeting, and was the only driver to start every round, scoring well in all bar one round. During the season he had one win, seven 2nds and four 3rds as his top scores.

Runner up Ally Smith had eight wins, and two 2nds in his 10 races, but he missed 6 rounds. Liam McGill was 3rd o/a he took 3 class wins, six 2nds and a 4th, but also missed 4 rounds and failed to finish two more, which hurt his total. In 4th was Andrew Prince with one win, one 2nd, and four 3rds as his top scores, but he missed 6 rounds. Fraser Huntly was 5th scoring in 6 of his 8 rounds with three 1sts. In 6th John Robertson did the first 8 rounds, taking two 3rds as his top results.

2017 Points: 1. Jake Hutchinson (534) 2. Ally Smith (394) 3. Liam McGill (376)