Esports Racing Championship


We are delighted to have had over 60 drivers register for the SMRC Esports Racing Championship. Pre-qualifying sessions were held over the past two days at Snetterton 300, to determine the starters for the qualifying races, starting tomorrow (25 September).

The drivers who have made it through to the qualifying rounds are:

Adam K Brown
Alan Gordon
Alistair Low
Ben Creanor
Brian Stewart
Bryan Mckay Savage
Callum Kirkpatrick
Chris Daines
Colin Cunniffe
Dave Christie
Fraser Williamson
Garry Brown
Ibraheem Khan
Jack Eyre
Jack L Drobinski
Jacob Tofts
James A Saunders
Kane Haliburton
Kevin Ellis Jr
Maarten Van Loozenoord
Michael Weddell
Niki Meredith
Peter Butcher
Robert Graham
Ronald Großmann
Ross McGregor
Sam Corson
Sam T Harper
Scott Brazier
Scott Hunter
Scott Smith
Xavi Ross


Kevin Ellis has made an early mark on the competition, setting the fastest time of 2:10.336 across the two sessions – an impressive 0.4 seconds quicker than the second fastest time of Xavi Ross.

However, there is a long way to go in this competition that will test drivers across a number of challenges as they battle it out to become the inaugural SMRC Esports Champion.

The first qualifying round will take place at Snetterton 300. The event will kick off at 19:30 and will be available to view live our Facebook page, thanks to streaming form Apex Racing TV.

Thanks to our partners for making this competition happen: