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The Scottish Saloon and Sports Car Championship is home for some of the most powerful and exciting racing cars on a Scottish Championship weekend.

The championship allows almost any car to participate; it is split into 6 different classes (outlined below) to allow drivers to compete against other cars that are of similar performance. The regulations allow a huge amount of freedom, meaning this is the ultimate challenge for engineering guru’s!

A huge variety of cars have taken part in this championship over the years from 800bhp Ford Focus’s to Touring Cars and Mitsubishi Evo’s.


Class A1 Saloon & Sports Cars (using racing tyres) with four wheel drive and normally aspirated or turbo/super-charged engines.
Class A2 Saloon & Sports Cars (using racing tyres) with two wheel drive and normally aspirated or turbo/super charged engines. Cars in former or existing one make series such as TVR Tuscan and Ginetta are eligible.
Class A3 Sports Racing Cars, Caterhams, Kit cars and motorcycle engined kit cars (using racing tyres) plus any other car not complying with Classes A1, A2, B1, B2 or B3. Caterhams of any engine capacity, Kit cars up to 3500cc.
Class B1 Saloon & Sports Cars (using treaded road based tyres) including all engine types over 2001cc, and all forced induction engines, and all 4wd cars.
Class B2 Caterhams and Kit cars over 1401cc and motorcycle engined kit cars and Caterhams of any engine capacity (using treaded tyres).
Class B3 Saloon & Sports Cars (using treaded road based tyres) including all engine types under 2000cc, no forced induction engines, no 4wd cars.

If you have a track day car or a sprint car sitting in your garage, then this championship represents an ideal opportunity for you to venture into circuit racing.

The Saloon and Sports Car Championship enjoys a qualifying session and two races at each race meeting.


SMRC Members Entry Fee: £275 (Qualifying & 2x 12 lap races at Knockhill)

Contact the Scottish Saloons & Sports Championship Representative

Download the Saloons & Sports Championship Brochure for further pricing & information

2019 Race Calander

  • Date
  • 7th April
  • 5th May
  • 23rd June
  • 20th/21st July
  • 1st September
  • 6th October

Dates are subject to change.


    • PosCar No.NameClassTotalDiff
      114Duncan STEELEB3222
      213Keith COWIEA2207-15
      389William ROBSONB1203-4
      426Andrew PATERSONB3150-53
      528Scott TOLLANA1136-14
      669Nathan DICKINSONB3129-7
      779Paul BRYDONA3108-21
      89Ron CUMMINGA397-11
      92Andy FORRESTA395-2
      104Mark DAWSONA284-11
      11116Craig DILLONB181-3
      1269Hazel PATERSONB372-9
      1385Lowell FORSYTHA256-16
      1471Grieg MacARTHURA3560
      1554Andrew MORRISONA250-6
      1662Paul RANKINA348-2
      1786Steve WALSHB2480
      1878David HEADENA346-2
      1929Robert DRUMMONDA140-6
      2063Graham ROBERTSONB136-4
      218Mikey BUCHANB116-20
      227Stewart ROBBA2160
      23316Ivor MAIRSB10-16
      2459Damien McKAY00
    • PosCar No.NameClassTotalDiff
      189William ROBSONB1151
      262Paul RANKINB2126-25
      354Andrew MORRISONA2110-16
      426Andrew PATERSONB3108-2
      529Robert DRUMMONDA190-18
      69Ron CUMMINGA381-9
      734Ron CUMMINGB171-10
      834Scott DUTHIEB158-13
      962Paul RANKINA352-6
      1085Lowell FORSYTHA250-2
      1113Alastair BAPTIEB148-2
      120Andy FORRESTA345-3
      1348Alan DONCASTERB136-9
      1451Roddie PATERSONA3360
      1518Ian CREHANB1360
      1616Colin SIMPSONA225-11
      174Mark DAWSONA216-9
      184Paul BRYDONA3160
      1937Kenneth McKELLA114-2
      2088Ian DONALDSONA10-14
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      189William Robson251
      275Andrew Paterson234
      337Kenneth McKell219
      454Andrew Morrison188
      569Thomas MacIntyre151
      629Robert Drummond126
      79Ron Cumming126
      88Findlay Crooker100
      959Gary Wait98
      1048Alan Doncaster88
      1116Colin Simpson68
      1228Scott Tolla58
      1333Alastair Baptie45
      1419Graham Robertson41
      1578David Headen28
      1663Graham Robertson26
      1788Ian Donaldson0
      1823Lance Gauld0
      181Paul Brydon0
      1877John Brown0
      1846Ian Humpish0
      1876Michael Downie0
      1885Lowell Forsyth0
      1844Alistair McMillan0
      1835Chris Blackhall0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      179Paul Brydon360
      269Thomas McIntyre307
      389William Robson281
      428Scott Tollan261
      523Brian Meldrum214
      68Finlay Crocker201
      763Graham Robertson171
      816Colin Simpson164
      954Andrew Morrison153
      101Ian Donaldson111
      1159Gary Wait100
      1229Robert Drummond92
      1351Roddie Paterson90
      1480Ian Sinclair72
      156Phil Dryburgh67
      1668John Kennedy66
      174Mark Dawson64
      1864Charlie Fraser54
      1913Keith Cowie46
      2044Alistair McMillan44
      2141Andrew Christie36
      2247Graham Davidson0
      2256Adam Kindness0
      246Steven Dailly0
      2440Andrew Gallagher0
      2439Glynn Geddie0
      247Charlie Shaw0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      188Ian Donaldson303
      235Andrew Mackie281
      34Mark Dawson241
      48Findlay Crocker227
      551Roddie Paterson212
      655/56Fiona Kindness175
      789William Robson162
      854Andrew Morrison157
      999John Wilson140
      1023Brian Meldrum132
      1179Paul Brydon113
      1280Ian Sinclair108
      1369Thomas McIntyre86
      1459Gary Wait73
      1556Adam Kindness72
      1544Alister McMillan72
      179Martin McGeough64
      1833Stephen Henderson60
      1968John Kennedy58
      2038Barry Forbes56
      2150Alister Robertson54
      2165Andrew Bell54
      2336Matt Collins50
      2478David Headen40
      256Phil Dryburgh34
      266Phil Dryburgh18
      2727David Brewis0
      2815Gary Watson0
      2830Ben Lyons0
      2814Charlie Shaw0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      197Olly Ross285
      292Michael Kelly223
      393David Smail176
      434Ian Crehan100
      594Ross Taylor80


  • 2019 SMRC Saloon & Sports Car Championship Regulations
  • 2019 SMRC Race Supplementary Regulations
  • SMRC Driving Standards Code of Conduct and Guidance
  • SMRC Health & Safety Guidance Notes
  • SMRC Refund Policy
  • Entry Fee Discounts

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