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The Scottish Legends Cars Championship has been a prominent feature on Scottish Championship race weekends for over a decade and offers some of the most close and exciting racing on the Scottish Motor Racing Club calendar.

The quirky cars are 5/8 scale replica’s of American Ford, Chevy and Dodge cars from the 1930s and 40s. Super light weight (less than 550kg), rear wheel drive, a five speed sequential gearbox, low grip tyres and a punchy Yamaha motorcycle engine (either 1200 or 1250cc engines are eligible) makes for a truly unique and exhilarating driving experience, highlighting why these little cars are affectionately known as ‘Pocket Rockets’!

Not only do the cars offer a unique challenge to the drivers; the racing does too! Race days comprise of a practice session, two heats and a Final. Unlike the other SMRC championships, grid positions are not determined by lap times from a qualifying session. Instead, starting positions for the two heats are determined by a random draw at the start of the day and positions for the Final are dictated by drivers performance in the heats; to make matters even more interesting, the best performing drivers in the two heats start from the back of the grid for the final. This format puts a real emphasis on a drivers ability to overtake and makes for some seriously exciting racing.

The championship also offers two-point scoring categories; Individual and Team. The team championship is suited to those who can’t commit to all the Championship rounds across the year, allowing two or more drivers to share one car and score points collectively across the year. If you have never raced before in a Legends Car competitively, you’ll be classed as a Rookie for your first season and will start at the back of the grid for the first 6 races to help you acclimatise to Legends racing!


SMRC Members Entry Fee: £275 (Qualifying & 2x 8 lap heats, plus a 10 lap final at Knockhill)

Contact the Scottish Legends Championship Representative

Download the Legends Car Championship Brochure for further pricing & information


Burnett Motorsport steve@burnettmotorsport.com07801074901
Cresta Racing 07988950135
Scottish Legend 07701055605

2020 Race Calander

  • Date
  • 5th April
  • 3rd May
  • 6th/7th June
    Away Round (Double Header)
    All - Less Formula Ford
  • 4th/5th July
  • 26th July
  • 12th/13th September
  • 11th October

Dates are subject to change.


    • PosCar No.NameClassTotalDiff
      160David NEWALL5165
      23John PATERSON5135-30
      315Steven McGILL4930-205
      46David HUNTER4885-45
      530Mark FRENCH2990-1895
      65Michael PAXTON2780-210
      786Jon CRITCHLOW2625-155
      87Duncan VINCENT2035-590
      917Billy WAIT2010-25
      1066Steve WHITELEGG1945-65
      1152Stewart BLACK1745-200
      124Colin McNEILL1630-115
      1333Kieran BEATY1090-540
      1485Mark BEATY965-125
      152Kieran GALLAGHERT885-80
      1637Ivor GREENWOOD640-245
      1769Gerard McCOSH570-70
    • PosCar No.NameClassTotalTotal DSDiff
      16David HUNTER43053960
      271Ryan McLEISH39553730-230
      360David NEWALL39703710-20
      48Jordan HODGSON39253630-80
      537Ivor GREENWOOD37503515-115
      652Stewart BLACK31803180-335
      715Steven McGILL30452850-330
      85Michael PAXTON29152730-120
      922Ben MASON23152315-415
      1017Billy WAIT231523150
      117VINCENT / PRITCHARDT21302130-185
      1285Mark BEATY20702070-60
      131John PATERSON18551855-215
      1486Jon CRITCHLOWR16551575-280
      1516John BUSHBY14501445-130
      1633Kieran BEATY13801380-65
      1775Pino PALLAZZO11601160-220
      1830Mark FRENCHR121511600
      194Colin McNEILL10101010-150
      2044Colm O'SULLIVENR740740-270
      2169Gerard McCOSH700700-40
      222Robert WOODSIDE210210-490
    • PosCar NoNameTotalTotal DSDiff
      17VINCENT / PRITCHARD21302130
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      11John Paterson4460
      26David Hunter4240
      337Ivor Greenwood3980
      415Steven McGill3605
      571Ryan McLeish3445
      68Jordan Hodgson ®3395
      75Michael Paxton ®2905
      868Gerard McCosh, Ben Mason (T)2530
      952Stewart Black2420
      104Colin McNeill2400
      1117Billy Wait2000
      1216John Bushby1965
      139Neville Anderson ®1365
      1426Scott Hynds1125
      1533Kieran Beaty610
      1685Mark Beaty590
      1744Charlie Fraser485
      1846Ross McCulloch (Guest RD7)370
      193Darren Gaulton245
      2056Garry Falconer (T)90
      2136Aaron Di Combertt5
      2226Scott Hynds (Guest RDS 2 & 3)0
      2236Kenny Murray (Guest RD 6)0
      2211Paul O'Brien (Guest)0
      2222Ben Mason (Guest)0
      2238Erico Palazar (Guest)0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      11John Paterson5320
      271Ryan Mcleish ®4265
      346Ross McCulloch ®4190
      47 (T)Ross Marshal, Andrew Dunn, Steve McGill, Colin McNeill, Dave Newall, Andy Dunn, Alan Freeland (T)3955
      56David Hunter3245
      652Stewart Black2480
      738Pino Palazzo2380
      837Ivor Greenwood2325
      917Billy Wait2240
      1088Jeff Pritchard1840
      1122Ben Mason1540
      1285Mark Beaty1295
      134 (T)Colin McNeil1145
      1477Allan Clarke ®1135
      1531Errico Palazzo750
      1633Kieran Beaty530
      1718Gary Lynch310
      1868Scott Hynds215
      1969Gerard McCosh (Guest)0
      1968Carol Brown (Guest)0
      1933Chris Grieve (Guest)0
      1915Steven McGill (Guest)0
      198Jordan Hodgson (Guest)0
      195Michael Paxton (Guest)0
      1944Ahmed Khader (Guest)0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      11John Paterson3870
      26David Hunter3605
      37Ross Marshall, Alan Freeland (T)3005
      431Euan Mckay, Daniel Mckay, Ben Mason (T)2620
      52Steven McGill2325
      617Billy Wait2300
      737Ivor Greenwood2240
      858Mark Cumming ®2025
      926Scott Hynds1880
      1038Pino Pallazo, Errico Pallazo (T)1610
      113Ian Mcleish ®1375
      1216Joh Bushby1330
      1352Stewart Black1285
      1483Grant Smith ®1190
      155Andrew Dunn, John Neill (T)1175
      1668Will Neal ®1155
      1782Warren Allan1000
      184David Newall (T)940
      1918Gary Lynch620
      2069Gerard McCosh535
      2144John Taylor ®195
      2225John Neill ®180
      233Ryan Mcleish0


  • 2020 SMRC Legends Championship Regulations
  • 2019 SMRC Race Supplementary Regulations
  • SMRC Driving Standards Code of Conduct and Guidance
  • SMRC Health & Safety Guidance Notes
  • SMRC Refund Policy
  • Entry Fee Discounts

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