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Always a crowd pleaser, the Scottish Classic Sports and Saloon Championship brings some nostalgia to the Scottish Championship. In many cases this championship offers drivers the opportunity to race the cars that they grew up watching and envying, but it also provides an avenue for anyone – who enjoys a passion for classic cars – to get out on track and enjoy the sheer pleasure of hustling iconic cars of yesteryear around the undulating Knockhill racing circuit.

Both mass production-based cars and limited production cars can take part. The championship boasts 8 different classes (outlined below) which are mainly for cars manufactured up until the 31st December 1985. However, Class F are for cars manufactured from the 1st January 1985 to the 31st December 1990.

Class A – cars up to 1500cc engines.
Class B – cars with 1501cc to 2500cc engines
Class C – this is an invitational class for cars not complying with the championship technical regulations. This may include but is not limited to Classic Rally Cars
Class D – cars with 2501cc to 3600cc engines
Class E – cars with engines over 3601cc
Class F / Future Classics – mass production Sports and Saloon Cars – up to 3600cc – manufactured between January 1st 1985 and December 31st 1990.
Class G – cars that are limited production sports and saloons, this can be specials and recreations with normally aspirated engines and two-wheel drive only
Class H / Ford Fiesta XR2 – this is Scotlands only one make classic class which gives the popular Fiesta XR2 series – which has been part of the SMRC race meetings for over 20 years –  a new lease of life.

Classic and historic racing has grown in popularity throughout the UK and further a field in recent years; perhaps a sign of drivers searching for a more genuine racing experience without the intrusion of electronics and driver aids, found in more contemporary racing machinery.  The SMRC Classic Sports and Saloons Championship represents the ideal first step into the classic motorsport scene, where you will find a friendly community of drivers and close but fair racing.

SMRC Members Entry Fee: £275 (Qualifying & 2x 12 lap races at Knockhill)

Contact the Scottish Classics Championship Representative

Download the Classics Sports and Saloons Championship Brochure for further pricing & information

2020 Race Calendar

  • Date
  • 5th April
  • 3rd May
  • 6th/7th June
    Away Round
    All - Less Formula Ford
  • 4th/5th July
  • 26th July
  • 12th/13th September
    Triple Header
  • 11th October

Dates are subject to change


    • PosCar No.NameClassTotalDiff
      157Bruce MITCHELLB318
      227Mario FERRARIA297-21
      35Michael LONGSTAFFEA260-37
      41Alastair BAPTIEE257-3
      520William CONWAYA185-72
      663John KINMONDE172-13
      791Craig HOUSTONB160-12
      82Andrew ELLIOTTF144-16
      949Raymond BOYDE65-79
      1070Kieron BAILLIEG64-1
      117Alastair COATESB61-3
      1251Alex MONTGOMERYA50-11
      1321Jimmy CROWB36-14
      14=232Alastair COATESC32-4
      14=18Ian CREHANC320
      16=115Donald LAIRDB16-16
      16=62Andrew KINMONDB160
      16=62Andrew KINMONDC160
      16=88Shonny PATERSONE160
      20=10Andy WALKERG0-16
      20=78Andrew GRAHAME00
    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      166Duncan O'NEILL197
      265Gary TAYLOR68-129
      332Peter CRUICKSHANK50-18
      421Jimmy CROW45-5
    • PosCar No.NameClassTotalDiff
      11Alastair BAPTIEA270
      249Raymond BOYDE262-8
      327Mario FERRARIA211-51
      45Michael LONGSTAFFEA196-15
      520William CONWAYA184-12
      621Jimmy CROWB180-4
      757Bruce MITCHELLB171-9
      863John KINMONDE150-21
      978Andrew GRAHAME123-27
      1010Andy WALKERG108-15
      11101Stuart THORBURNB92-16
      1277Tommy GILMARTINE75-17
      1335Ian BLACKLIND54-21
      1432Alasdair COATESE45-9
      1591Craig HOUSTONB0-45
      166George LEITCHB00
      1717Charlie COPEB00
      1875Robert BREMNERC00
    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      133Martin RAMSAY290
      266Duncan O'NEILL206-84
      364Duncan FOX52-154
      425Willaim CURRIE16-36
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      113Alastair Baptie268
      257Bruce Mitchell257
      327Mario Ferrari197
      449Raymond Boyd194
      577Tommy Gilmartin172
      635Ian Blacklin160
      720William Conway144
      862Michael Longstaffe140
      922Calum McRae132
      1039Harry Simpson108
      1121Jimmy Crow95
      1263John Kinmond68
      138Max Horne66
      1417Charlie Cope54
      1551Alex Montgomery50
      1632Alistair Coates40
      1670Olly Ross36
      1810Andy Walker36
      1851Alex Montgomery32
      1833Alastair Baptie32
      2178Andrew Graham28
      2241Grant Allan16
      226George Leitch16
      2423Scott Brennen0
      2444Willy Toye0
      2446Robin Benn0
      2443Neil Mackay0
      2473Andrew Smith0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      181Graeme Cuthbert289
      232Kristian Leith270
      344Robert Kerr230
      464Duncan Fox181
      533Martin Ramsay112
      695Paul Curtis40
      752Dave Colville34
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      149Raymond Boyd387
      221Jimmy Crow366
      377Tommy Gilmartin287
      417Ian Daltrey259
      539Harry Simpson252
      678Andrew Graham240
      735Ian Blacklin206
      857Bruce Mitchell164
      963John Kinmond162
      1041Grant Allan144
      1181James Braid128
      1285John Bennett120
      134Stan Bernard120
      1413Alistair Baptie114
      1510Andy Walker98
      1620William Conway92
      1751Alex Montgomery85
      18232Scott Brenan68
      1927Mario Ferrari63
      208Max Horne56
      213Alistair Baptie32
      216George Leitch32
      2354Howard Gordon16
      2422Jim Grant0
      2446Robin Benn0
      2491Craig Houston0
      2485James Dummond-Bone0
      2473Andrew Smith0
      2422Calum Mcrae0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      150Jim Deans358
      224Steven Gray348
      318/118Barry Farguharson218
      457/157Alec Townley192
      598Gordon Haston170
      622Gavin Butterworth170
      781Graeme Cuthbert168
      844Robert Kerr90
      920Chris McNeill55
      1028David Taylor37
      1119Josh Orr0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      14Stan Bernard317
      254Howard Gordon272
      347Keiron Baillie261
      432Alastair Coates226
      541Grant Allan220
      516Ian Daltrey220
      521Jimmy Crow220
      874Bruce Weir215
      950Matthew Gordon210
      1077Tommy Gilmartin208
      1139Harry Simpson205
      1263John Kinmond180
      1249Raymond Boyd180
      1429Richard Merrell126
      1544Willy Toye122
      1611Ian Morton114
      1788Shonny Paterson112
      1781James Braid112
      1914Mike Stewart108
      2046Robin Benn94
      2135Ian Blacklin92
      227Mike Connon84
      2216Jim Grant84
      2468Rodger Motherwell71
      2512Ciprian Nistorica64
      2651Alex Montgomery52
      2724Ian Baines50
      2815Donald Laird48
      2985James Drummond -Bone46
      3049Raymond Boyd40
      3157Bruce Mitchell30
      3253Tim Reid18
      3385John Bennett16
      3410Andy Walker0
      3459Blair Nimmo0
      346George Leitch0
      3443Kenneth Brearley0
      3427Mario Ferrari0
      3426Mark Campbell0
      3471Graham Miller0
      3438Tom Gray0
      3473Andy Smith0
      3442Warren Dunbar0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      124Steven Gray385
      250Jim Deans322
      319Josh Orr213
      4118/18Barry Farquharson154
      517Gary Webster136
      681Graeme Cuthbert129
      728David Taylor111
      821Annie Butterworth74
      922Gavin Butterworth63
      1020Chris McNeill37
      1169Jade Maxwell0


  • 2020 SMRC Classic Sports & Saloon Championship Regulations
  • 2019 SMRC Race Supplementary Regulations
  • SMRC Driving Standards Code of Conduct and Guidance
  • SMRC Health & Safety Guidance Notes
  • SMRC Refund Policy
  • Entry Fee Discounts

Become a member of the SMRC

Enjoy the range of benefits the SMRC has to offer drivers, marshals and other members

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