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Formula Ford has traditionally been regarded as the first major stepping stone from karting into motor racing; numerous Formula 1 drivers – including David Coulthard and Allan McNish – have learned their craft in Formula Ford Championships around the world. For this reason, the Formula Ford Championship attracts a strong cohort of career minded drivers eager to develop and climb the motorsport ladder.

Formula Ford is the only single seater championship on the Scottish Championship race meetings. Unlike most other single seaters, Formula Ford boasts no aero dynamic aids meaning drivers need to learn to exploit mechanical grip before moving onto a reliance on aero dynamics. This serves to keep the racing close (there is no turbulent air to disturb cars aerodynamics) and also helps to keep budgets sensible.

Equipped with a 1600cc Kent engine and weighing less than 500kg, the cars are phenomenally responsive and agile meaning they can lap the undulating Knockhill racing circuit in under 54 seconds; that’s a staggering 2 seconds quicker than a current top British Touring Car lap time – not bad performance for a wee 1600cc car!

The cars all use the same engine but there are a number of chassis options for drivers to choose from, such as Ray, Swift and Van Diemen. Whilst the majority of the cars on the Scottish Formula Ford grid are of a modern variant, we also run a Classic Cup for pre-1994 cars; these older cars can provide a cost-effective way to get onto the grid.

Overall, the racing in this championship is fast and competitive. It is well suited to graduates from karting who are looking to make a first step into single seater racing; budgets to race in Scottish Formula Ford are a fraction of those required to race in other single seater championships (such as F4) and drivers can learn so much about race craft, car dynamics and set up in this ultra competitive championship, without spending a fortune.

However, it’s not all about the youngsters – the championship is also a stomping ground for individuals of all ages and abilities who simply want to enjoy the thrill of single seater racing.

The Formula Ford championship enjoys a qualifying session and two races at each race meeting.


SMRC Members Entry Fee: £275 (Qualifying & 2x 12 lap races at Knockhill)

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2020 Race Calendar

  • Date
  • 5th April
  • 3rd May
  • 4th/5th July
  • 26th July
  • 22nd/23rd August
    Away Round (Triple Header)
  • 12th/13th September
    Clockwise (David Leslie Trophy - Triple Header)
  • 11th October

Dates are Subject To Change


    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      133Jordan GRONKOWSKI302
      23Neil BROOME228-74
      392Matthew CHISHOLM199-29
      49Logan HANNAH175-24
      530Steven BARLOW137-38
      696Kenneth COWIE92-45
      732Cameron THOMSON43-49
      850Jamie THORBURN40-3
      94James PINKERTON28-12
      1020Kyle REID7-21
    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      11Ross MARTIN334
      288Sebastian MELROSE197-137
      333Jordan GRONKOWSKI159-38
      470Gary SYKES150-9
      592Matthew CHISHOLM139-11
      63Neil BROOME119-20
      778James CLARKE112-7
      830Stephen BARLOW92-20
      929Ross HOWE83-9
      1077Fraser GRAY79-4
      1150Jamie THORBURN17-62
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      111Ross Martin324
      288Sebastian Melrose221
      333Jordan Gronkowski195
      496Kenneth Cowie170
      518Michael MacPherson152
      63Neil Broome149
      720Clay Mitchell125
      892Matthew Chisholm98
      929Ross Howe97
      1030Steven Barlow83
      1177Fraser Gray74
      1227David Hourie54
      132James Roe JNR0
      1330Keith Donegan0
      1346James Scott-Murphy0
      1347Ben Paliwoda0
      1370David Thorburn0
      1370Ivor Mairs0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      111Ross Martin325
      218Michael MacPherson221
      396Kenneth Cowie196
      429Ross Howe173
      527David Hourie96
    • PositionNameTotal
      1David Hourie54
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      125Neil Maclennan382
      250Jamie Thorburn262
      38Sebastian Melrose216
      471Matthew Cowley202
      592Matthew Chisholm180
      670David Thorburn125
      73Neil Broome117
      833Jordan Gronkowski111
      929Ross Howe89
      1030Steven Barlow62
      1177Fraser Gray53
      1227David Hourie52
      1322Fergus McIntyre51
      1416Ivor Mairs44
      1518Alan Kirkaldy0
    • PositionNameTotal
      1Jamie Thorburn287
      2Ross Howe216
      3David Hourie135
    • PositionNameTotal
      1Matthew Chisholm319
      2Neil Broome210
      3David Hourie106
      4Ivor Mairs104
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      178Adam Mackay377
      225Neil Maclennan301
      333Jordan Gronkowski200
      492Matthew Chisholm170
      56Sebastian Melrose164
      650Jamie Thorburn157
      73Neil Broome137
      870David Thorburn103
      979Phil Hooker101
      1016Ivor Mairs74
      1199Stephen Barlow70
      1241Colin Turner64
      1377Fraser Gray53
      142Patrick Dussault30
      1510Fergus Barlow19
      1622Fergus McIntyre16
      1755Sam McKenzie0
      17117Andrew MacGregor0
    • PositionNameTotal
      1Neil Maclennan375
      2Sebastian Melrose248
      3Jamie Thorburn238
      4Phil Hooker188
      5Stephen Barlow142
      6Fraser Gray124
      7Fergus MacIntyre36
      8Fergus Barlow32
    • PositionNameTotal
      1Matthew Chisholm328
      2Neil Broome289
      3Ivor Mairs219
      4Colin Turner188


  • 2020 SMRC Formula Ford 1600 Championship Regulations
  • 2019 SMRC Race Supplementary Regulations
  • SMRC Driving Standards Code of Conduct and Guidance
  • SMRC Health & Safety Guidance Notes
  • SMRC Refund Policy
  • Entry Fee Discounts

Become a member of the SMRC

Enjoy the range of benefits the SMRC has to offer drivers, marshals and other members

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