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The Celtic Speed Scottish Mini Cooper Cup is recognised as one of the best single-make racing series in the UK. It has been a proving ground for many top drivers including British Touring Car Championship stars Rory Butcher, Aiden Moffat and Chris Smiley.

Close, hard and competitive racing is guaranteed in this championship, which provides an ideal stepping stone for drivers looking to move up the motorsport ladder. Indeed, the championship takes its inspiration from the British Touring Car Championship in the way the races are formatted.  Race 1’s grid is set by qualifying position while Race 2 is decided by the result of Race 1 and Race 3 is the wildcard – drawn by ballot with anywhere between the top 5 and 8 cars reversed.  This format has proven to be highly effective in creating action packed and unpredictable races.

Only the 1.6 Mini Cooper model built between 2001-2006 are eligible. The championship regulations are designed to ensure that cars are built to the same specification; the cars use identical Yokohama tyres and run the same Superchips ECU. This puts more emphasis on a driver’s skill by keeping the cars performance as equal as possible.

As well as the overall Championship, there is also a Newcomers and Ladies Championship.


SMRC Members Entry Fee: £290 (Qualifying & 3x 9 lap races at Knockhill)

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NameEmail PhoneWebsite
Andrew Lamont Motorsportandrew@andrewlamontmotorsport.com01383 831438Facebook Page
Cloan Motorsport info@cloanmotorsport.com07710 771715Facebook Page
David Sleigh Facebook Page
Lux 07793 607385Facebook Page
MINIMAX Motorsportscottmckenzie378@gmail.com07834 809844Facebook Page
Performance Tek 755528Facebook Page

2020 Race Calendar

  • Date
  • 5th April
  • 3rd May
  • 6th/7th June
    Away Round
    All - Less Formula Ford
  • 4th/5th July
  • 26th July
  • 28th/29th August
    Away Round
  • 12th/13th September
  • 11th October

Dates Are Subject to Change


    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      191Robbie DALGLEISH391
      27Michael WEDDELL353-38
      317Vic COVEY Jnr319-34
      467Mark GERAGHTY303-16
      523Ian MUNRO298-5
      695Craig BLAKE191-107
      776Ian BONTHRONE189-2
      858Joshua HISLOP150-39
      919Ian WALSH136-14
      1041Neil METHVEN132-4
      1181Douglas SIMPSON118-14
      1277Ashleigh MORRIS112-6
      1352Simon HOLDERNESS103-9
      1418Daniel PATTERSON74-29
      1530Gordon LONG62-12
      1688Barry HOLMES57-5
      17=46David GEEN54-3
      17=21Ross WILKINSON540
      1927Cameron BRYANT48-6
      20=29Chris REID47-1
      20=50Andrew BELL470
      225David SLEIGH42-5
      2355Fiona KINDNESS35-7
      2487Jordan BROWN26-9
      2544Ross McCOLM23-3
      26155Adam KINDNESS17-9
      2786Adam MORRISON15-11
      281John DUNCAN3-20
      2926Colin BLAKE0-17
      306David BIRRELL0-15
    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      176Ian BONTHRONE430
      241Neil METHVEN377-53
      318Daniel PATTERSON263-114
      430Gordon LONG246-17
      527Cameron BRYANT212-34
      646David GEEN209-3
      7=87Jordan BROWN177-32
      7=86Adam MORRISON117-60
      926Colin BLAKE28-89
    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      177Ashleigh MORRIS356
      255Fiona KINDNESS188-168
    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      124John DUNCAN360
      25David SLEIGH3600
      391Robbie DALGLEISH343-17
      47Michael WEDDELL273-70
      54Dominic WHEATLEY262-11
      623Ian MUNRO234-28
      78Hannah CHAPMAN216-18
      881Douglas SIMPSON194-22
      995Craig BLAKE164-30
      1077Ashleigh MORRIS154-10
      1121Ross WILKINSON149-5
      1252Simon HOLDERNESS134-15
      1328David McNAUGHTON128-6
      1455Fiona KINDNESS104-24
      1516Craig DILLON86-18
      1620Kyle REID75-11
      1750Andrew BELL72-3
      18155Adam KINDNESS62-10
      1926William BLAKE33-29
      2030Gordon LONG22-11
      2175Michael COURTS13-9
      2230David LONG8-5
      2312Reis ROBERTSON80
      2410Jake HUTCHISON2-6
    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      17Michael WEDDELL456
      221Ross WILKINSON341-115
      395Craig BLAKE319-22
      416Craig DILLON230-89
      530Gordon LONG126-104
      630David LONG76-50
      710Jake HUTCHISON28-48
    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      177Ashleigh MORRIS403
      28Hannah CHAPMAN400-3
      355Fiona KINDNESS317-83
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      167Mark Geraghty355
      211Morgan Murray349
      391Robbie Dalgleish337
      423Ian Munro295
      58Hannah Chapman294
      64Dominic Wheatley275
      722Michael Weddell248
      833Dylan O'Donnell247
      924John Duncan222
      1020Kyle Reid175
      1175Michael Courts143
      1295Craig Blake114
      1329Chris Reid113
      1396Taelor Shand113
      1530Callum Dryburgh105
      1610Neal Robertson101
      1721Ross Wilkinson81
      1813/77Chris Blackhall79
      197Jonny Dreelan75
      2052Simon Holderness48
      2112Allan Paterson23
      2255Adam Kindness14
      2350Andrew Bell11
      2434Charlie Martin5
      2532Chriss O'Donnell2
      2644Ross McColm0
      263Jock Borthwick0
      2674Emily Glanvill0
      2650David Long0
      2645Calum King0
      2616Craig Dillon0
      2625Ashleigh Morris0
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      167Mark Geraghty446
      24Dominic Wheatley383
      324John Duncan372
      422Michael Weddell363
      595Craig Blake209
      621Ross Wilkinson196
      710Neal Robertson177
      852Neal Robertson153
      913/77Chris Blackhall146
      1012Allan Paterson86
      1134Charlie Martin59
      1232Chris O'Donnell15
    • PositionNameTotal
      1Hannah Chapman455
      2Taelor Shand348
      3Charlie Martin120
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      187Paul Bell335
      223Ian Munro320
      361Malcolm McNab306
      411Morgan Murray299
      533Dylan O'Donnell264
      691Robbie Dalgleish229
      720Kyle Reid212
      824John Duncan210
      94Dominic Wheatley207
      108Hannah Chapman199
      1189Shane Stoney179
      1267Mark Geraghty168
      1398Brandon Walsh144
      143Jock Borthwick138
      1526William Blake129
      1630Callum Dryburgh107
      1775Michael Courts103
      185Des Wheatley100
      196Daniel Dreelan82
      2047Reis Robertson71
      2029Chris Reid71
      227Jonny Dreelan59
      2210Neal Robertson59
      2438Scott Forbes57
      2551Chris Milford52
      269Martin McGeough49
      2796Taelor Shand41
      2850Andrew Bell40
      2852Simon Holderness40
      3012Allan Paterson16
      3199Aiden Moffat0
      3199Vic Covey JNR0
      3199Jade Edwards0
      3199Adam Morgan0
      3199Max Coates0
      3134Craig Blake0
      3154Ray McDowall0
      3135Chris Blackhall0
      3170Oliver Mortimer0
      3117Fiona Wallace0
      3135Chris Blackhall0
    • PositionNameTotal
      1Dylan O'Donnell389
      2Robbie Dalgleish349
      3Dominic Wheatley325
      4John Duncan301
      5Mark Geraghty300
      6Brandon Walsh266
      7Jonny Dreelan161
      8Allan Paterson148
      9Taelor Shand145
      10Neal Robertsom132
      11Reis Robertson126
      12Martin McGeough114
      13Andrew Bell91
      14Simon Holderness44
    • PositionNameTotal
      1Taelor Shand312
      2Hannah Chapman262
    • PositionCar No.NameTotal
      11Kenneth Thirlwall430
      270Oliver Mortimer430
      33Joe Tanner335
      427Lewis Carter270
      58Hannah Chapman219
      611Morgan Murray187
      787Paul Bell180
      85Des Wheatley168
      920Kyle Reid153
      1023Ian Munro151
      116Daniel Dreelan149
      1226William Blake132
      1329Chris Reid128
      1489Shane Stoney122
      1530Callum Dryburgh116
      1691Robbie Dalgleish113
      1747Reis Robertson93
      187Jonny Dreelan84
      1938Scott Forbes70
      209Martin McGeough60
      2198Brandon Walsh37
      2274Ian Walsh28
      2336Marco Haig22
      2477Adrian Blantford8
      2596Taelor Shand6
      2618William Smith1
      2712Dominic Wheatley0
    • PositionNameTotal
      1Morgan Murray401
      2William Blake319
      2Robbie Dalgleish315
      4Brandon Walsh242
      7Reis Roobertson237
      6Jonny Dreelan224
      5Ian Walsh196
      8Martin McGeough147
      9Adrian Blantford76
      10Taelor Shand54
      11William Smith14
    • PositionNameTotal
      1Hannah Chapman378
      2Taelor Shand84


  • 2020 SMRC Mini Cooper Cup Regulations
  • 2019 SMRC Race Supplementary Regulations
  • SMRC Driving Standards Code of Conduct and Guidance
  • SMRC Health & Safety Guidance Notes
  • SMRC Refund Policy
  • Entry Fee Discounts

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