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About the Scottish C1 Cup

New for the 2019 season, the Scottish C1 Cup – backed by the Scottish Motor Trade Association – aims to bring budget racing back to Scotland.

This championship represents an opportunity for you to own your own racing car, become a racing driver and compete for a full season at Scotland’s premier racing circuit, Knockhill, for less than £6,500!

To keep the racing exciting and the costs under control, the Citroen C1 Cup cars run to very simple but tight regulations. The race cars are almost literally a C1 road car with a roll cage bolted in, meaning that you can build a car – from start to finish – over the course of a weekend, if you’re in a rush (check out our video to see how we did it HERE).

The C1’s 1 litre power unit may not make them the fastest race cars on a Scottish Championship race weekend but we guarantee that racing door handle to door handle around the humps and bumps of Knockhill racing circuit will bring a smile to any racers face – whether you’re a seasoned campaigner or a complete newcomer.

Alongside the battle for the outright championship, the series will feature a Newcomers Cup for anyone who has not held a Motorsport UK competition licence before. There will also be a ‘Teams Cup’ for the top performing team car across the year (this is suited to those who can’t commit to all the Championship rounds, allowing two or more drivers to share one car and score points collectively across the year).

Additionally, if you’re feeling ambitious, there are C1 Cup endurance races held throughout the UK and even at Spa-Francorchamps, where a 24 hour race is run annually.

SMRC Members Entry Fee: £200 (Qualifying & 2x 10 lap races at Knockhill)

Contact the C1 Cup Championship Representative

Download the C1 Cup Championship Brochure for further pricing & information


Lux 07793607385Facebook Page
MINIMAX Motorsportscottmckenzie378@gmail.com07834 809844Facebook Page
Performance Tek 755528Facebook Page

2020 Race Calendar

  • Date
  • 5th April
  • 3rd May
  • 6th/7th June
    Away Round
    All - Less Formula Ford
  • 4th/5th July
  • 26th July
    Anti-Clockwise (Single 90 Minute Endurance Race)
  • 12th/13th September
    Clockwise (Triple Header)
  • 11th October

Dates are subject to change.


License (ARDs + 1 Year Membership)£325
Medical for Race License£50
Entry Fees£1,200 (6 x £200)
Scottish C1 Cup Registration Fee£100
SMRC Registration Fee£50
Total Cost£1,725


Racewear BundleFrom £779Turner Motorsport: HANS, Helmet, Suit, Gloves and Boots bundle
Total Cost£779


Car£700-£900eBay, AutoTrader, Gumtree etc...
Roll Cage + Club Suspension and Guard Kit£1,490C1 Club Shop: Cage + Suspension Kit
Brakes (Mintext Pads)£72C1 Club Shop: Mintex Brake Pads
Lowering Springs 35mm£106eBay: Lowering Springs
Anti-Shatter Window Film£24eBay: Anti-Shatter Film
Transponder£131TSL: Transponder
Fire Extinguisher Kit£250Turner Autosport: Fire Extinguisher Kit
Harness£150Turner Autosport: Harness
Bonnet Pins£10Turner Autosport: Bonnet Pins
Towing Eyes£60Turner Autosport: Towing Eyes
Seat£197Demon Tweeks: Seat
Master Switch and Pull Cable£37Demon Tweeks: Master Switch and Pull Cable
Seat Rails£36Demon Tweeks: Seat Rails
Camera£60Amazon: Camera
Camera Mount£9Amazon: Camera Mount
Rain Light (Red Bulb)£5
Battery Cable£32
Total Cost£3,369

Running Cost

Tyres (Nangkang AS1) 8 Tyres£260C1 Club Shop: Nankang AS1
Fuel (15L Per Weekend)£110
Total Cost£370

Total Cost: £6,243

Please note that this is an approximate cost that may vary depending on unforeseen events during the course of a season.

Prices based on the car bought at £700 – Always Prices based on 17th August 2018.

    • PosCar No.NameTotalDiff
      113Finlay BRUNTON203
      294Ryan SMITH186-17
      321Kieren PREEDY155-31
      427Thomas DENHAM127-28
      574Emily GLANVILL108-19
      677James McCRACKEN107-1
      7=24Kyle GRANT97-10
      7=888Ross DUNN970
      931Steven MORRISON94-3
      10888Colin MAIN77-17
      1110Elliott LEWTHWAITE58-19
      126Kenneth DOCK55-3
      132Jack DAVIDSON50-5
      1479Glenn ALCOCK43-7
      15=7Greig McARTHUR39-4
      15=88Steven BREWSTER390
      1788John DUNCAN36-3
      1844Reis ROBERTSON31-5
      1969Jon CRITCHLOW16-15
      20=4Lindsay McCRACKEN15-1
      20=28Raymond DAVIES150
      2215Paul DONKIN0-15


  • 2020 Hot Hatch Sporting Regulations
  • 2019 SMRC Scottish C1 Cup Regulations
  • 2019 SMRC Race Supplementary Regulations
  • SMRC Driving Standards Code of Conduct and Guidance
  • SMRC Health & Safety Guidance Notes
  • SMRC Refund Policy
  • Entry Fee Discounts

Become a member of the SMRC

Enjoy the range of benefits the SMRC has to offer drivers, marshals and other members

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