After a very challenging and unusual start to the year, we’re pleased to announce our plans for the 2020 SMRC Race season.

Following a consultation with all our registered competitors, we were able to review the findings and discuss options with Knockhill and the Club Committee to get the season under way.

It is evident and understandable that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on members ability and desire to go racing this year; indeed, under two thirds of registered drivers told us that they plan to race this year.

This reduced number clearly impacts the way we can run an event to make it viable and enjoyable for all drivers and volunteers.  Having considered all the feedback and discussed options and dates with Knockhill, we have come up with a practical plan to run the 2020 championship over three half day events from September, as follows:

Saturday 12th September

Saturday 10th October

Saturday 31st October  

Each event will feature a Knockhill run test session in the morning (which will be bookable via the circuit as normal), with our race meeting officially commencing from 1:30pm and concluding at 6pm (31st October will be 12noon-4.30pm due to available daylight). Due to a busy August at Knockhill, this is the earliest that we are able to get the season underway.

All competing championships will run to their normal qualifying and race format, with the exception of MINI’s, which will feature two 12 lap races, instead of their usual three races.  The entry fee across championships will be £250, with the exception of C1’s, who will retain their £235 entry fee.

Under this format, we would be able to keep our ticket allocation for each driver at five passes, allowing some friends and family to attend the event. We also feel this compact one day format is safer for all our members and volunteers as it should negate / reduce the requirement for most to have overnight stays.

The events will of course be run in line with government advice and Motorsport UK COVID-19 guidelines. The events will not be filmed and will likely be run behind closed doors, without spectators, unless government advice changes. The events are of course subject to change, should the government directive change.

Clearly, we will not be able to fit our full portfolio of championships into each of these timetables. There is space for four (possibly five) individual championships within each event.

In order to best schedule our race days, and determine if the club need to secure more track time, we are asking drivers to make a £100 deposit to allow us to understand grid sizes more definitively and to allow us to best schedule our events by the end of June. At this point, we will review the numbers and confirm the exact make-up of these events. This deposit is non-refundable but will be deducted off drivers September entry fee. If drivers make a deposit and for any reason, we are unable to run a race for them, then the deposit will of course be refunded in full.

To place your deposit and help the club best schedule our events, please visit the following link and complete your deposit by 30 June 2020: https://www.smrc.co.uk/2020-season-deposit/

Please note, as a club, we will remain open and flexible and will share the numbers of drivers racing for each championship in the beginning of July once all results are compiled.