2018 Champions

With our racing season now complete, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Winners & Champions as detailed below.

Scottish Classic Sports & Saloon Car Championship
Overall Champion & Class A winner = Alastair Baptie
2nd Overall & Class E winner = Raymond Boyd
3rd Overall = Mario Ferrari
Class B winner = Jimmy Crow
Class D winner = Ian Blacklin
Class G winner = Andy Walker
XR2 Champion = Martin Ramsay
XR2 2nd Overall = Duncan O’Neill
XR2 3rd Overall = Duncan Fox

Scottish Formula Ford Championship
Overall Champion = Ross Martin
2nd Overall = Sebastian Melrose
3rd Overall = Jordan Gronkowski

SMTA Scottish Hot Hatch & Fiesta Championship
Hot Hatch Champion = Chris Milford
Fiesta ST Cup Champion = Wayne MacCaulay
Fiesta ST Cup 2nd Overall = Blair Murdoch
Fiesta ST Cup 3rd Overall = Stewart Scott

Scottish Legends Cars Championship
Overall Champion = David Hunter
2nd Overall = Ryan McLeish
3rd Overall = David Newall
Rookie Champion = Jon Critchlow
(Legends results are provisional pending the completion of post-season eligibility checks)

Celtic Speed Scottish MINI Cooper Cup
Overall Champion = John Duncan
2nd Overall = David Sleigh
3rd Overall = Robbie Dalgleish
Newcomers Cup winner = Michael Weddell
Ladies Cup winner = Ashleigh Morris

Scottish Saloon & Sports Car Championship
Overall Champion = William Robson
2nd Overall = Paul Rankin
3rd Overall = Andrew Morrison
MINI Cooper S R53 Cup Champion = Oliver Mortimer